Adam Sucks Part IIII

Ok, adam sucks to much that he wanted to corerct me that he
didn't say "what the niddle mah nizzle," that was just a
typo. He corrected it by saying "what the dizzle mah
So now that that is cleared up....and so so much better...

and by the way, that IIII isn't incorrect, the tradition
method is IV, but that genuine Gucci watch I got on a
street corner in New York uses the more modern IIII


Yes, Emma is a Weirdo

Yes, Emma is a weirdo, but that is what makes her cool.
Just like me. That's not what makes Bjorn cool...he's just
scary weird....


Emma is a weirdo

So Emma is weird. Her Part is crooked. Her hair is
funny. She also forgets to wear pants. Want a fucking

I mean why not just wear pants? she has some seroius
issues. Its like so messed up. Damn i can't talk shit
about emma its hard.

Casey "Emma Sucks"

Kim "She's impoosible to live with."

Emma "I'm the easiet person.....to live with."

Emmma "theres not so much dot dot dots in my speech. i
just siad it."

Its not everyday that i get emma's ass on my arm.

Tony's birthday is today..he wishes he was slut. slutty
tony slutty.

- b


30 days in the hole

Ok so barring any sort of miracle i am going to remember to
write. see nothing funny has happened. yeah i had soem
bad incidents with alcohol on halloween.

here are my thoughts:
This country is going to hell. Everything it was founded
on is lost on the patriot act. The UK, are one supporter,
is afriad of mass violence due to Bush visting them. I
don't blame Bush entirely for anything...Congress has alot
to do with it too. What's next? Where is my Scandinavian
Socialism now?

dating a med student is like setting fire to small
children. too much work and too much fun at the same time.

Most music today sucks. Thank you MTV is the enema that
sucked out taste from the musical world.

Jeff is a whore. Adam is a jew. No one reads this.

Architecture school is full of Shit.

OUt to save the world. One Kick in shins at a
time....unless they deserve a kick in the balls.



Adam Sucks Part II

He's a jew. And his hair is curly.