Sketchy People

Just reading through this thing, and we must not let it
die, it is so awesome and fun!!!

So..an entry.

So, I recently shaved off my sketchy looking beard. So now
I look like a respectable member of society. My hair is
also shaved very short. People call me sir alot more like
this, I finally figured out that is because they think I'm
in the army or something. I found this out when the guy
trying to sell me a camera was, "It's great for things like
shooting short videos to send back from the front lines to
family and lovers"

but ne ways...the point. I'm not as safe now with my clean
cutness. You know those places people don't walk around,
and tell you not to walk around because it's sketcy? I
used to walk around those areas with no fear, cause the
guys in that area would point at me and go "whoa, that guys
sketchy, I shouldn't be in this area." I was the sketchy
guy! Now I'm the prey. Other guys used to be "whoa, I'd
better cross the street before that guy steals my purses
and wallets" now it's, "that guy is pretty, I bet he has
nice things...though he might be a marine."