runs with scissors

ya'll don't let people comment while you write one of these. they never shut up .Jennifer is so NOT awesome] stop fooling with the keyboard. see girls are evil

she just sits here harrassing me while i try to run around the room with sharp objects. instead a iget a chemistry book thrown at me and the dirtiest OREO conversation ever....ps when liking the cream of an oreo refer to it as a nipple.
Girls loves nipples.

this is not a dirty rumor about jennifer. not at all. Its a big fat lie. really it is.
"I like boys" - Jennifer...let's not discuss these issues anymore

ps. we all need food so i am going to eat bacon. ok really it is paper with bacon drawn on it. ok never mind

oh look fire! ....-B


So much

Ever love someone so much that you can't tell them because
you would ruin something already one step away from perfect.
Ever think you love someone so much that you can't tell
them because then you might realize you really didn't love
Ever think you loved someone so much that you can't tell
them because then your might realize you really do love
them that much.

One of those has happened to me.
Wonder which one it is.



Life sucks but then you die


ok so yeah i don't have time for shit. what professor thinks that you have time to read 54 pages in 2 days...when everyone in the whole school has stuff due that day inbetween?????????
arg why do i have to do something with my life..why can't i be one of the forgotten people...like in the 1930s when men would leave their families and hope to die in the slums of the US?

why can I not afford socks and food? i mean i only have 4 pairs of socks left..what happened to the other 10??? and why is milk $4 a gallon. who can afford to shop at a YUPPIE RICH-PERSON store like Whole Fukcing Foods????

why can't i be rich? evil? Head of multinational evil organization? well off? smart? attractive? talented?
why won't you answer my freakin questions?
that's it i am off to molest some inanimate objects

Singing off. This is B.


My Soundtrack

Me-ness and Bjorn decided that if my life had a soundtrack,
it would be mimes with sharp knives.




This chair is posessed. It has a mind of its own. i am right now fighting it from roling back and spinning around. If you sit in this chair it turns you away from the computer toward the door. SLowly it rolls away toward the center of the room. I think there might be a portal to hell or at least another dimension..like on SLiders

Yeah what happened to sliders. That show was fun, weird but fun.


damn chair


You know, it's pretty cool to wait till after the wedding
to have sex.
It's also okay not to sport major emmotional problems.
Ya'll work on these things.



Behold my Super Powers

hey there all you people crazy enough...weird enough to read this,so i was just wondering what possess people to be crazy. I mean why are girls crazy...can't all be hormones. In other words what the fuck?

so I have completely given up on women. On trying to understand them, communicate with them, listen to them, them. I just don't get it.

i could wallow in self pity and let you all share the misery but its much more fun to say FUCK IT. I guess i am just gonna go about my daily business and not flirt...ok not flirt well. Alright, I will not flirt as much on a regular basis unless she's cute. so yeah not going ot flirt. it doesn't get anyone anywhere. Its not like there is love to fall into or even the perfect person for anyone...stupid hollywood lies.

in other news i would like to say that I am the greatestI AM SO AWESOME..it happens when you are as attractive as me. we can't all be this cute...it wouldn't be fair. We need ugly people to work at McDonald's, wash our cars, and well make me look so much better.

In conclusion, i hate everyone equally...not racism or sexism. Jennifer Lopez sucks. Porta Ricans are trouble but cute. I am awesome. Lastly, i might ramble on here about something or the other, another time.

-B (The Awesomest Ever!)


Girls drive them selves to insanity. Seeing as all girls
are bad drivers, they hit lots of people on the way.



Girls are like a bad movie. You sit down to watch
it,knowing it's a bad movie, but you get hooked, and just
can't change the channel. And if you pay for
it..err...lets say..go to the movies...how bad does it
actually get before you'll walk out. How many movies have
you actually walked out of because it was so bad.

I really don't get the ladies.
They really are crazy, and ya, guys are stupid, and kinda
crazy, but they got nothing on girls.

Love em and hate them.
They are such an addiction.
Nothing beats curning up to a good movie with them, or
dinner and dancing...but then they talk...er..then they go

Even the best girls I know turn out to be crazy. Some of
the girls that you go, wow, this girl is really
awesome..but then you realize she's as crazy as the
rest...but she's still awesome.
It's very discouraging, that even the best are so crazy.
Cause we'll all find one one day, but they will still be
crazy, and we will still be stupid.

Well, I suppose without all the trouble, you'd never get
to "make up" ;-)
But sigh, they are wonderful.




Ya, so the police were like, we could arrest you both right
now for breaking and entering, but the funny thing is,
Bjorn didn't even go in with me. It was me and the Porta
Rican. Had it not been for the big fat girl, and the
little hairy mexican with some major issues, everything
would have been fine.
We got the cops to let us take the bed though, the New girl
with the Truck was probably pretty upset.
The girl I meet tonight seemed thankful though, and it's a
good thing I don't smoke, or I'd be high right now because
of her and my three angels, and that would be bad.
And a shout to Elizabeth who is back in town, yay!!
By the way...did I ever tell ya'll about chicago?

cause I"m from the real south, and california too away a
bit of my accent.

G'night, cause I gotta go convince a metal working teacher
to let me weld.




I love naked women, especially perdy naked women.
Everybody should have lots of pictures of perdy naked
women, except for perdy naked women, they should come over.
I just got back from Chigaco.