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because i can't get enough

I love the fail blog because of this

fail owned pwned pictures
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Music You should check out

Very simply I am going to post groups, bands, or friends making music that I think everyone should check out.

This is Shannon Grady. Host and awesome guy from bTalk podcast (for the bears but ya'll should check it out). This is one of Shannon's best songs and I really do enjoy it. Check it out and check out his myspace for more.


for the PiMC crew

since they theme parks...taffy have you been here?

Fun, Excitement, Orgasm
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On my blog and via gmail I have gotten some mean comments (been deleted) which i assumed was from someone being vindictive for me talking to someone due to a fall out. turns out it was some other person, now confessed, and i have over reacted. As always internet drama about people i care about seems to affect me because i care. It seems that a bad joke that I didn't find as a joke has led to me being singled out, with good reason. I have not done much but in a state of anger I spread some my anger at parties i thought were responsible.

Turns out they weren't. I am sorry for those people and will apologize to them.

To those a simple misunderstanding leads to bigger things. I'm sorry for it but I still standby the notion that a phone call would have solved it all.


ok i lied

i stumbled on this and it is such a bad-good song. enjoy

last one-hit wonder for nessa

for nessa #4