anyone there

so i highly doubt anyone reads this but here goes. i am
busy just chillin in Minnesota for the holidays...and well
it sucks.

there is no alcohol at hte movie theater, i mean really is
daquiris a luxury or necessity?

I am so bored and there is no entertainment. I got dvd
and can watch them ad naeseum (sp?) but still. what ever
happened to fun i mean really where does it start.

so my boredom is going back into crack

Not EverCrack but Spider Solitare...its card crack



IM v.2.0

yes J. you are a moron. but there are other things i don't
like about im.

first of all...well my parents use it and yes i still put
up "i am getting hammered at such and such..." at 23 i
should be allowed to say who gives a fuck

second of all my siblings might read this and well that
entertains me.

so yeah im sucks my ass.

Is it hardto say...call me i want to chat?
what kind of idiot thinks they can tell you eveything over
im. I am guilty of the song qoute thing but i usually use
one line or something. Mostly its women who put up the
whole fucking song by eve 6 of JT thinking its good when
its shit. Get soem taste in records please. I really want
to be jack black in 'High Fidelity'...yes we have but you
can't own cause you know nothing about music asshole.

so i guess these are my points, based on your ims at this

1. the away message of two cowsfucking and ones says final
and the other says me...clever but not so much anymore.

2. what happened to the budweiser truck one?

3. Telling the whole world and the one you love that you
love them? erk. just call them and say it or make a ppsycho
webpage aout how great they are.

4. People who say they use im but arre never online. then
yell at you for not calling them or whatever. Hey
fuckedhead use a goddamn phone.

5. people who put politcal crap in their ims. i don't
give a fuck if al gore gives rims jobs or the GW smoked
something. I don't care . i don't care. I don't care.
Fuck Repoublicans till they bleen. Shoot democrats. Ya'll
are ruinging this country.

6. Amanda has great qoutes. Quoting stuff in latin or from
latin is awesome. cause that shit is good.

7. Jeff is a moron. has nothing to do with im but as my
friend i need to state the obvious. though he was right in
his last entry.

8. Fuck you. had to be said

9. I want to suck on your lips
I want to melt in your arms
I want to call you up sometime...
that shit is fucked up and is not cool. leave it out for
the love of God. we don't care if you want to fuck some
guy but please don't make me sick with your shit.

10. I spare no one. Sorry but everyone is fucked so i
mgiht as well qoute everyone right?

11. Telling us that you are at work is good even better
when you are on im at work. saying things like out running
errands, printing shit, being the office whore...etc.
always good to harrass someone at work.

12. Chirstmas and hanauckahd...who ever it spelt. suck.
plese leave christmas songs out of ims. see j's last entry
on im.

13. sleepy train..what is wrong with anyone who puts this
there. can we be more creative or at least straight

14. i hate stupid people. sorry but i do. if you are
stupid i will tell you. don't fucking care if it hurts
your feeling. and no that dress doesn't make you look fat
but your large ass does.

15. people who use im on their phones. then bitch at you
for messaging them. fuck head its a phone. not a computer
you stupid piece of shit.

16. people who support only a university college they do
not attend. then put it on their im how great fucking LSU
is...ok here's the deal suppport your university and
another one is fine. but to disregard the one you go
to...that's just fucked up.

17. leave your damned intimate details out of away
messages. better yet logoff.

18. Iff you happen to go out of town for a few days, just
log off. that's right stop using this stupid shit. it
won't matter to us or not if you are there. besides does it
need to be 24/7? really does it need to be?

19. people who messages tell us how great some perso nis
because of some instance that we did not see, hear or even
care about. then tellign us the whole fucking thing in the
profile or better yet not telling us anything and the
procedes to get mad at us.

20. If you get mad at me because i stop talking to you on
im its because...guess what, i am doing work so i do that
and not talk to your fat ass. If i am going to ignore you
let me do a good job of it.

so now i am thoughly pissed off. i am going to save some
ideas for a future installment. actually for another rant
of things that pissm e off. like stupid people. people
who think all you can eat is a good idea for nasty mexican
food. and girls who wear those stupid trucker hats
sideways with thongs and velour sweatpants. sweatpants are
for fat people and using around the house. truckers hats
are ok but when at an angle you dumb sluts they are
compeltely fuckign retarded.

thanks for your time any ideas to the 3 people who may read
this. please let us know. if you are one of these people
mentioned above 'fuck you' and kick your own ass cause i
don't care. want me to tell you that to your face? sure
come over shit head

- B

IM Ethics

Instant Messaging, wonderful and horrible at the same time.
The next time I meet a nice girl, which was last week-end,
you have that, all is lost and annoying. You always know
where each other are, you don't talk in person or even on
the phone, you'll just im, and be in weird little im world.
But, you can all assume the rest of this paragraph, so I"m
gonna start a new one.
Things I hate about IM, and away messages.

1. People who use the standard away messages "I'm away
from my computer right now, and am not a creative person,
so maybe I'm jumping off a bridge right now, but you'll
never know because my away message is generic and useless."


3. People, who in their away messages, use those little
code things, like %%n that will insert your SN or the time
into their away message. "Hi, JackAss27, you messaged me
at 9:87pm, but I am away from my computer right now. So
leave your name and number JackAss27, and I'll get back to
you sometime after 9:87pm, or whenever I finish playing
with myself"
What really pisses me off about these people, is that they
think it is cool and clever, and oh so neat.

4. People who don't IM, but expect to be IMed. You run
into them in person, and they are like, "Hey, why haven't
you IMed me lately!" Why haven't you ever IMed me ya
selfish bastard!

5. People who get mad at you because you don't respond
because your not at the computer and haven't put up an away
CantTakeaClue27: Hey, what's up.
CantTakeaClue27: Yo, you there.
CantTakeaClue27: Are you mad at me or something?
CantTakeaClue27: Hey, I know your there.
CantTakeaClue27: You don't have up an away message.
CantTakeaClue27: You should put one up if your away.
CantTakeaClue27: Are you there.
CantTakeaClue27: I need to ask you something.
CantTakeaClue27: Fine, be that way jerk.
CantTakeaClue27: I'm gonna poison your coffee.

6. People who use the phrase "Bling the cell yo."

7. People who give exactly where they will be all day.
9am Going to History Class
10am Going to Biology Class
11.30 grabbing lunch with my mom
12.30 going to the book store
12.45 taking a crap
1pm changing my away message to:
3pm, at the gym
5pm studying at the rue
10pm, movie with Tim
12pm, sex with Tim

8. People who IM you and have nothing to say.
BlubberBall: Yo
SexyJeff: hey, what's up.
BlubberBall: Nothing.
10 minutes later
BlubberBall: You still there.
SexyJeff: ya
BlubberBall: Cool

9. People who pretend to be other people. This really
pisses me off, especially if they are pretending to be
someone you are really close with. That is just not cool.
Worse is when they try to get you to admit stuff. So, do
you like that girl Betty (which is me, but you don't know,

10. ...It smells like fish in here....

11. People who leave their im on when they go on
vacation. And proclaim it in their away message. Hey,
going to the beach, back thursday." Good, now I know I can
rob your house easily in the next few days. And I'll turn
all the lights you probably left on off too, you earth
killing fiend. Though I do find it fun to see how long
people have been away, buddy has been idle for 4 days and
27 hours...pretty cool to see.

12. People who will only talk intamatly on IM. They tell
you all their problems, and life story, and loves and
hates, but when you see them in person, they don't say a
word to you.

13. When people you don't like come up to you when your in
the coffee shop, and demand you put them on your buddy list
right there. So then they IM you all the time, or if you
never IM them will get all sad and offended and realize you
don't like them, and I get annoyed at people making me feel
bad for not liking them.

14. People who quote poems and songs in their away
messages and profiles. A single line or something isn't
bad "Rock the Casba" but when they put down a whole friggin
peom or long pieca crap that happens to move them at the
moment, that's annoying and non informative.

15. Parents who use IM. I now have to censor all my away
messages, and talk in code because my parents might message
me and see what I'm up to. So no "Hey fuckers, I"m at the
Boot getting plastered, come join in!" must be translated
to "Howdy guys, out enjoying myself at that pizza place
next to campus, stop on by."

I could go on forever...but I think I'll stop for now.
Hope you enjoyed

Message me with what you love or hate, and maybe I'll put
up a list that ya'll made



The Hello

The problem with hello.
You walk past someone you know, say "hey", they say "hey,
how are you," you say "good, you" and if there aren't too
far away from you know they hit ya back with fine or good.
Though neither of you probably feel that way.
Hello almost ='s "I"m good"
means nothing, is just an automated greeting response
I could be fuming mad, but still gonna answer, I'm fine,
It's pretty retarted.
Try this for fun, change your half, and watch them continue
with thers
"What's green"
I'm fine, you"
and then the seem a little disoriented, but they will
always still answer with their standard. Everyone's
standard is just a little different, but pretty similar,
and they will always respond with it in a walk by hi.
Try it some time
"Good, how about you?"



Adam Sucks Part IIII

Ok, adam sucks to much that he wanted to corerct me that he
didn't say "what the niddle mah nizzle," that was just a
typo. He corrected it by saying "what the dizzle mah
So now that that is cleared up....and so so much better...

and by the way, that IIII isn't incorrect, the tradition
method is IV, but that genuine Gucci watch I got on a
street corner in New York uses the more modern IIII


Yes, Emma is a Weirdo

Yes, Emma is a weirdo, but that is what makes her cool.
Just like me. That's not what makes Bjorn cool...he's just
scary weird....


Emma is a weirdo

So Emma is weird. Her Part is crooked. Her hair is
funny. She also forgets to wear pants. Want a fucking

I mean why not just wear pants? she has some seroius
issues. Its like so messed up. Damn i can't talk shit
about emma its hard.

Casey "Emma Sucks"

Kim "She's impoosible to live with."

Emma "I'm the easiet person.....to live with."

Emmma "theres not so much dot dot dots in my speech. i
just siad it."

Its not everyday that i get emma's ass on my arm.

Tony's birthday is today..he wishes he was slut. slutty
tony slutty.

- b


30 days in the hole

Ok so barring any sort of miracle i am going to remember to
write. see nothing funny has happened. yeah i had soem
bad incidents with alcohol on halloween.

here are my thoughts:
This country is going to hell. Everything it was founded
on is lost on the patriot act. The UK, are one supporter,
is afriad of mass violence due to Bush visting them. I
don't blame Bush entirely for anything...Congress has alot
to do with it too. What's next? Where is my Scandinavian
Socialism now?

dating a med student is like setting fire to small
children. too much work and too much fun at the same time.

Most music today sucks. Thank you MTV is the enema that
sucked out taste from the musical world.

Jeff is a whore. Adam is a jew. No one reads this.

Architecture school is full of Shit.

OUt to save the world. One Kick in shins at a
time....unless they deserve a kick in the balls.



Adam Sucks Part II

He's a jew. And his hair is curly.




so yeah this is one year old. both of use have well
forgotten about it i think. so anyways


so thesis is kicking my ass around the block, takign me
into the alley, and raping me...only to leave me behind to
bleed....then kick me while i'm down.


well yeah so i haven't been around cause well let's say got
better things to do...not realyl just have ltos of things
to do.

so fire away

line 'em up and shoot 'em

oh yeah FUCK ALABAMA.....that's the phrase since the hit
and run...erk



The Chase

When we were first driving, I was pretty sure we weren't
being followed. Everyone was acting pretty nervous though,
I was pretty sure we were going to be caught. Luckly, we
were able to find our woman, and get her out. That was
only the beggining of it though.
We had to reach our destination, and pick up what we all
wanted in the first place. Everyone wanted it. It was one
of the largest archeological finds of our time. We were
able to find it easily, seeing as we knew how to look.
It was the getaway where things got really ruff.
The three beautiful women weren't able to trust me, and I
didn't have time to earn it, it was unfortunate that force
was the only way to keep them safe. It only made them hate
me more. If only they knew how much I loved them all, and
how I just wanted to protect them. There was just no time
to explain.
I was able to catch up with them as they got in the car. A
achine worthy of a good getaway, the kind they would use in
a Bond movie, and that's exactly what we needed.
Before I knew it, we were driving along, my gun to her
head, telling the others to drive. They were all so
beautiful, so innocent, so valient. It felt like a crime,
but I had to do it.
Unfortunatly I underestamated them. They weren't
cooperating, the stuborn bastards, if only they knew.
Soon, the car was whipped off the side of the road, and we
were fighting, they just didn't understand. Suddenly, I
had a gun at my own head, I couldn't hear over the screams
Those eyes tearing into my soul, the gun at my head, my
hands, one wrapped around the neck in front of me, the
other with a gun to her head. I only hope I can be
forgivin for these sins, but if not, if only I could save
them. And my love, my love beside me. She must have been
the most confused. It's hard to believe, that only 6
months ago, on the beach where we meet, we were imracing
each other on the sand, and now...it had all gone to hell.
Back then they trusted me, if only they could now. But how
could they, after what happened. Their 4 turned to 3, how
could they trust anyone.
At that moment though, they didn't need to trust me. They
found us, they were on us. Those eyes of passion, starting
at me from behind the barrel of that gun suddenly changed,
and showed a sort of realization. Not an understanding,
but a realization that if she didn't drive, we'd all be
dead. So we drove, she went where I told her. I must
admit, I was a little frightened. She knew how to use that
wild beast she was driving, soon only dust was behind us.
That car is alot like her. I loved that car, it was our
salvation. I'm sure they knew that I was grateful for it,
if only they knew how much I loved them.
The spot I secured was there, we just had to walk a few
feet now, and we'd be safe. I held onto an arm, and we
walked like lovers, just as some coming back from dinner
might walk, or so it might seem to anyone looking. Most
eyes wouldn't see the gun though. I knew they still
wouldn't trust me.
Once again, I underestimated them. Before I knew it, I was
looking at the floor, and they were 50 feet gone. They
split up, and ran some to the elevator, some to the
stairs. I guess they hoped at least one would get away.
They underestimated me. Within a moment, I had the stair
runner in my arms. I picked her up and flew down that
stair well. In time enough to cut off the others. When
the elevator doors were opened, I was there. I think at
this point, they realized there was no way out. They had
to come.
soon it wouldn't matter though. Soon we were safe, or at
least in a safe place. We had all made it. Even the box
in my hand, which held the contents of our misfortune had
made it.
It was all over. I had to leave them there. Where they
are now, I don't know. If I'll ever see them again, I
don't know. Whether they will ever trust me again, I don't
think so. I lost it all for them. They didn't know it
though. But they didn't have to. They were safe.
I'll dream about them tonight. Just like I do every
night. Out on the beach, sitting in the sand. The moon
reflecting off the water.
I pray one day, I'll hold her there again.



The Structures Series III

I was inspired by concrete, so today, EE is compared to Re-
Bar (reinforcement bar)

- We'd like each one to disappear beneath wet concrete

-Reinforces us to do our homework
-We know to use as reinforcing if we do our homework

EE and RB
-Both are long and skinny

-Helps keep concrete straight
-Helps keep women straight

-Carried around by the Dean
-Carried around by mexicans


You know, I remember these being funnieir.


The Structures Series II

No Idea how this one will go, but I've been asked this week
to comparte EE to rubber bands.

-Made out of rubber
-I don't really know, she's mainly water, with alot of
hot air.

-Both could be used to bind the Dean in lewd sexual

-Neither should be eaten

-Can be combined with other objects to make new
interesting objects

-Bad idea to try and set either of them on fire

-Neither has 3 hands

-Never ends

- Can be shot at enimies easily
-Much harder to shoot at someone, but way more fun

-Purposly manufactured
-was probably an accident

-Smooth surfaces
-Covered in hair and black clothing

-Very Stretchy
-I haven't tested strechability, though it looks like
someone did

From Tyler
-Will bounce off something once or twice
-Will bounce around a subject for hours

From Laura
-Neither smells that great.

Well there it is...not as good as I remembered, but not bad.


The Structures Series I

This is the first in a series of things I wrote last
semester in a class that bored me. This first entry
spawned many many more, and now...I transpher them to the
computer. For the record, I love the teacher of this
class, the class just calls for this.
PS EE is the teacher

The Structures Paper:

Okay, so I'm in this class for 3h15m's on tuesday. Since
the 2 hour lab has only 5 minutes of content, it's the
perfect oppertunity to create a BJ entry.

Todays Random Subject
5 minutes of content in 2 hours....wait, n/m, Laura just
had the great idea of comparing the teacher of this class
to an I-beam (or technically...a wide flange beam(tylers
mom has a wide flange.))

-Full of Steel
-Full of crap in class (niceness outside)

-Looks good exposed

I-Beam and EE
0Prevents thrusting in verticle members

I-Beam and EE
-Don't want either to fall on you

-Great to see under your ceiling
-That mirror on the ceiling was not put in for her

I-beam and EE
-In 2 hours, doesn't really do anything

I-beam and EE
-The Dean goes crazy for both of them

Temporary break for input from Laura

EE and I-Beam
-Flat on all sides

EE and I-Beam
-Can be very redundent in structures

-Generally aren't Flaky
-Always 15 minutes late to class

I-Beam and EE
-Sometimes you just wanna wack em with a sledge hammer
to hear what it sounds like.

The End
...hmmm...that one was okay...future ones get better.
Look forward to them. We'll see what I feel like posting
right now.




I look at a picture of her, and realize she is the
deffinition of Beauty.




If you were a jackolantern, what face would be carved into

And if you weren't a jackolantern, would you be really
pissed at a person who tried to carve up your face, and
cook your pumpkin seeds?

Those questions can really make you think.



The evil has returned

yes i am back.
I am more evil than ever. So i didn't have a means to write here this sumemr but now...now i will try. I might be more weekly and since i am going to see Lost In Translation tonight all is good.

Bill Murray is one of the funniest men alive if not ever.

so short and sweet this is but

Jeff beware. I have powers beyond human understanding. I also don't have studio so i have to do some of the follow : drink martinis at 3pm, tell shit heads in the print lab that i can't print today cause i am full of duties, point and laugh at the sorority girl/communications majors, set fire to things, ride around in a z3, afternoons spent napping, and yes the best of all...spend time with that special someone or Rhiannon.

so as i prepare for my one class friday...done at 10am fridays, i can gaurntee that i will have fun doing soemthing or else.

BEWARE I got sunshine in a bag
- B


Not Forgotten

I haven't forgotten this place, just been busy, dont'
woryr, I'm stilly crazy and ranting and misspelling.
Moggie who ha ha
Leave us messages!!!
no more entries till you leave me messages!!!!


...but I do think B forgot about this place

LEAVE MESAGES, funny or flatering ones



The DJ

Eyes of Thunder
Eyes of Passion
Eyes of Theft
Eyes of Love
Eyes of Calm
Eyes of Soothing
Eyes of Chaos
Eyes of Birth
Eyes of Fire


Easy on the eyes


I am currently speaking to the most beautiful, smart, and
sexy girl I currently know. yay for me. I wish her all
the happiness and wellness in the world, for to me, she has
given the gift of a smile. I shall forever be in her debt.

Coffee Fumes

I've been sitting here while
in the rue now pj's
coffee fumes strong
long time here
sick maybe
tired as
I dunno


Adam part I

This is the start of a new series, on how adam is dumb, and
the first a in his name is not even worth capitalizing.
Stay online for reasoning for adam's ignorance. The first
major entry should appear at some point tonight.



The JN Band

(read in an old timey radio voice...or paul harvey voice)

Last night, the Jeff and Norah band made it's stunning
debut into the music community over WTUL New Orleans, the
late night shows of late night shows.
This blossoming band, with small begginings and big
ambitions took the airwaves by storm. Thousands stood
outside the small windows of the station attempting to get
a glimpse of America's newest musical sensation. However,
only 6 people were able to. Those six people have now
fullfilled the dreams of every small child in our humble
little nation.
This dynamic band consists of three jewls of the world.
The first the amazing, wonderful, heart-throb of a man,
Jeff. With his slick attitude and sly comeover, he is a
force to be reconded with. Ladies lock up your daughters,
he's on the move. Up that is.
Then there is the lovely, sexy, eadible sweetheart, Noarh.
The true heart behind the band, the ideal that every young
women dreams to be. Her fan club already in the thousands,
headed by Al Gore himself. Just be careful lads, for there
may not be a man to tame this wild beast.
And where would this wondeful group be without it's start
and end in the Tall, adorable, gorgeous heartbreaker
Bronwen. She was the soul inspirtation for the band, has
arranged all gigs, and well, lets face it, they wouldn't
exist without her and her on air charm. Don't let that
sweet soothing voice fool you boys, though it does seem to
fool the many men that buy her dinner every night. Any one
here order a pizza?

So, wether you are a hard core punk fan, a death metal
lover, or a respecter of the classical arts, you must
admit, this is the best band you have ever heard, ever will
hear, our ever could imagine hearing.
So remember, 2-4 saterday morning, and who knows when
else. Tune in, and be DJ'd to heaven.

This is J, signing out.



By the way, the Last few entries, starting at the
cockaricet or whatever I called it have been from the J.
I'll try and remember to sign from now on.
Oh, and be good little dears, and leave us messages.


Brain must work to read this

Every week I go, oh man, it's only monday...(I'm gonna stop
using caps) or oh yay, it's friday!! but i realize, it
doesn't matter...(it's silly to use double letters, i'm
gonna stop that)..because saturday and sunday, i just kep
working. i don't get any type of break...(it's stupid to
use ea...i'm just gona replace that with a)..so i never
stop working, there is no brak, why does..(and while i'm at
it, i'm geting rid of oe, and using just u) it even mater
that it's friday. i work seven days a wek with no braks. i
don't raly mind though (gh = g)
if i wasn't doing anything, then what would ( ou is
definatly repetativ, so lets make it o) i have to do,
nothing. so last monday when i thoht (and ght and th is the
same as t) oh grat, it's only monday, it dusn't even raly
mater because i've ben working al te time anyways. i have
just always ben taut
however, fridays are esentialy grat due (and why ue, lets
go to o) to te fact tat columns has a terific hapy hor.
I write (wr?? tat makes no sence, r is beter, and neiter
(ei is definatly e) dus ce..it's just prononced s) hapy hor
into my schedole for fridays, it is hig on my list of
priorities, sens i get a smal amont of braks. i migt go
crazy witot hapy hor. if it's betwen eter my job or hapy
hor, i'l take hap hor.
be careful when ordering drinks, it dus mater which felow
dos yor drink. te tal black (and why ck, just k is fine)
where was i? oh ya, te tal blak guy dosn't raly do a god
job wit long islands. te skiny white guy dos a grat job
tog. so eter get te white guy or get anoter drink, sens te
blak guy can't do it rit.
even beter tan a drink rigt now wold be a big tik stak wit
a large beverage of some sort.
however, sens it is niter friday or wednesday, i am wit ot
much optons for hap hory or staks. i wold rater at at my
hose anyways.
wel, tis entry is geting rater long so my tots are tat i
shold end it soner tan later. I raly like my improvements
on or prety wel waky language tog.


WireLess Net

I'm in class right now. There are about 20 of us, I am
just a few feet from my teacher, in a small room. But I am
still on the internet, surfing...writing in the BJ happy
hour, talking to women on IM. How has technology helped us
with learning?
Now to end this before he walks over and I get in trouble
Besides, I need to learn more about aristotle... though not
sure if through an architecture class is the best way
Oh, and my teacher is really tall
This one isn't funny.
I'll write more about the aron girls next, and how they are
going to fatten me up.


The Cocricket

So, I jump to the left, and pivot to the right, and roll
forward, and take three steps back, and do a little war
cry. I ran to smote the cockroch....but I could not. For
it was a cricket, and women are crazy
But, to the four Aron women with spines of butter, I love
them all




I think our little page here has been forgotten.
By us, so probably by our fan club. We have a huge one,
cause we are so derned awesome and funny and such.
I'll punch you if you think differently. Hey, it's a free
country, you can think whatever you want, but then I have
the right to punch you. That's what freedoms all about.
It's your choice.
That may be what your choice gets you.
Some times we make bad choices.
Like women who have said no to going out with me. Very bad
choice on their parts. WHAMO!!!

I just watched logan's Run last night. The most boobies
I've ever seen in a PG movie
Oh why don't I have boobies in my bed right now!!!!
They are soooo awesome
I love them
Yes, I realize they are just big ol fat bags
But hey, so is Popeyes chicken
But we love it any ways.
Maybe my next entry will be dedicated solely to boobs, I
can't do them justice in this little piece
I wanna piece
Take that
I"m out



no internet

The B has no internet.
so it makes it hard to do this and remember to do this.
so here's a wuick touch base

life = insanity
girls = much more fun went not serious

work well that's why its called work not fun
so that's my freakin life

except buring cds and setting fire to things is good
very good




well no internet means that no bj entries for awhile

i am at work and well alone and well bored.

well better do soemthing.

until next time



Adam Sucks Part III

He actually said
"bling my cell yo"
"what the niddle mah nizzle"

Curse him and his ebonical ass.




Being Sick Sucks...it really sucks. but i am getting better. Still it sucks.



Crazy Test

DisorderRatingParanoid:LowSchizoid:HighSchizotypal:Very HighAntisocial:LowBorderline:ModerateHistrionic:LowNarcissistic:ModerateAvoidant:LowDependent:ModerateObsessive-Compulsive:High--Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --



I am so hating this firday. I am not doing work i am pruposely ignoring everything. I count ballots for AIAS only to actually recieve i vote. WHO THE FUCK VOTED FOR ME...damn you michelle

Now i can successfully take over the world. I really want to know why tulane is full of crappy shit head. who the fuck let's this fucknuts in? just cause you're rich doesn't make you a good person.I am so excited for baseball today.

I am also excited for the TGIF cause i can get free food..the only real meal all day.

oh by the way the word of the day is Vaginarific.

also good words are craptacular, shitastic, fuckinredible.

until next time,
the B



Ok, been awhile since I"ve made a bunch of complaints
To start off, I love the movie the Whole Nine Yards

After that
Why do tulane women suck so so bad
They have no morals
they are whores
they are mostly bad people
Even the good people are bad people
Tulane guys aren't so great either, but the women are even
worse. Guys just wanna sleep around, the Tulane Girls do.
Gangbangs for some. Contests to see how many they can get
in a month for others. Or in a day for some.
"I just like sex"
Well, good for you.
Sex and whores isn't the only problem, but man is it a
problem. The things I find out about people.. Tulane
people are messed up. 99.9% of them. If the pepole I love
the most, and are my good friends, or I even date. They
are messed up.
I will not find a wife at Tulane, that is for sure. They
are not the women you take to mamma.
They are also way into themselves. Way to stuck up. Way
to money grubing. Expect everything, and want to give
nothing. It's always take take take with this women. Us
guys will go so far out of our ways just to do one little
nice thing that will make a girl smile, and they think
nothing of it, get mad when you don't do stuff like that,
and could never dream of doing anything for you that wasn't
immediatly convinient, or that did not benifit them
directly in some way.
I would swear off all Tulane girls, but I know that will
not last. It's hard enough swearing off architectute
girls. Some are just so cute, and they are the only girls
I meet. They are all probably really messed up too. The
worst part is, most of them are nice girls, even my good
friends, but you learn new things about them everyday.
I can't believe the things these girls do.
I cannot even fathom the stuff. And they think it's all
good. Most of them are good people, just have no morals.
Bjorn is here...brb.
Ok, screw Tulane girls
Those few who are good girls.
Stay that way, and teach people to be like you.



I bein to wonder

"everyday is the same things. different faces with no name. places i have never been before. And I begin to wonder (about what's happened to me lately)"

so yeah i am use that quote. Last night sucked...i was up all night rendering crap for studio..only to have one of them never finish..grrrr. The computer lab at school sucks ass and i spent lots of time sitting around doing nothing too...just waiting for something to finish.

jeff being the dork he is..never asked me for my keys to go home so he just hung out till 4.30 when Kim took him back ot our house. Kim is awesome. We ate at der ratskellar.
so yeah question is...what fun things can you do at 3 am when you can't really use a computer for games?

i really need ideas..i just sat and thought about htings..nothing relevent or interesting but things.

so now i begin to wonder...
ps...if you know the song let me know



So i was thinking..yeah i know its dangerous but...i wonder what i did to deserve this semester. So these 2 people i have to work with for studio are dictators and well they make things so hard to understand and deal with. I hate it when a groups of 10 people has to work together but no matter what the group decides upon these 2 seem to take it over and make other descions. i can't spell sorry.

Well next thoguht is that back massages/rubs are the greatest thing ever. I just had a great one and it made my day better. I also realized that there are some pretty awesome women i know but never do anything with or about. I have fallen into a trap. I think there are too many to choose from but then there is 2 that mean alot to me.

One is GA and she reads this and knows. Sorry so many miles seperate us but friends are always better than relationships. See she understands that i have no time and well distance never works so we are friends.

THe other i really just got to know. Actually i made an ass of myself infront of her and a bunch of her friends. if ony i oculd tell what i did. The other problem is that i am not tied down to either.

I am SINGLE and loving it. but lately...certain friends remind me of how great it is to eat dinner and go dancing with someone you care about.

Last thought involves music. I found an awesome new artist. his name is Roy Joseph. he's from CA (i htink) and you can only get his cd online from his website...at least that's where i found it. He is a wonderful lyricist and playsa soft casual folk-rock thing. He makes john mayer look like crap..actually anyone can do that. If you like Mr. Mayer-can't-play-worth-shit-bad-singer or Ryan Adams..check Roy Joseph out. otherwise check him out anyways.

ps. guys are retarded..hence me but why are girls so evil and wonderful at the same time?

Roofies and Condoms

Ya, so, me and Bjorn were talking about giving this girl
that he likes some rufies, but she doesn't drink....
well...ne ways...we were just joking I'm sure..
and well, I was staying it, not him...
but to the point
so he whips out some pills and takes them out of the
pacakage, so I'm like, hey man, you can't give yourself
rufies and he's like jeff, rufies don't come in packages
like this, so I thought to myself, hey, what type of
package should rufies come in, it seemed most obvious that
they should come packaged with comdoms. In the center of
the condom wraper thing there could be a little ruffie,
indipendant of the condom, so you could break it out and
have the condom later and the ruffie first. I am such a
genious, who makes that stuff ne ways, I should give them
that idea.




the Logan entry is weird...How do you respond to that?

Really jeff might be a total moron and not just a sorta moron.


Jeff you are Fucked up


Man, Logan is soooo hot, and he's from Alabama. How is
that not hot. Even hotter than that new hottie I"m
drooling over. Man, wow...Logan = hot.
On a scale of one to super model, he's a super hunk.
I just want to rip his clothes off and mount him right here
and right now.
Oh baby, I wanna lay him down on the beach and the go down
and lay him.
I want to cover his body in chocolate and lick it all off.
I want him to cover me in whip cream and lick it all off.
Does anyone else smell astro-glide?
Man, Logan is so hot,
I'm gonna have to fight ann for him




Welcome to the most boring place on earth. Yes that sign needs to sit at everyroad into North Dakota. Besides that things are great.

Women aren't pure evil..just bringers of evil. I am met this most awesome girl. Excpet if i write too much here she'll read it and then i have to explainn myself agian. I had a revelation this weekend. It has changed my outlook on life and myself. how great is that? How often do you havea life changing experience?

So this moment this weekend, this set of 24 hours has led to something else. I want to leave here, leave minnesota, the midwest...comfort for something very new. Somewhere where i know no one. Somewhere clean. A fresh start. That start is going to be Portland or Seattle. The pacific nOrthwest has interested me for a long time and now i am going. One year from now i am going to be finishing school here and getting ready to move there. I need a fresh start again. New orleans was the first now time for the second. If i can get an internship there this summer it will be great. i can get a feel for the area and then enjoy it. Love it. Then go from there. For the longest time i wanted to go to hollywood and do something there. Now Now i need something new

which leads me to my thought how often do we need something new?

Every one needs the opportunity to start again. Hopefully for the best. Maybe it will lead to starting anew in europe and Australia too. Never know. I am following a gut ambition here but sooner or later i need to leave the past behind.

The past means nothing. IT only holds you back. So I am dumping my past for my future.
let see where it will go.


ps. sour cream and onion lays are awesome..food of the dayand the song of the day is "Bad Habit" - offspring


Mardi Gras

It's mardi gras, whoppidy wooo woo.
And my roomate is a jerk, man, he just asked me to watch
over his cousin and 4 freshmen women who are coming into
town...why would I want to hang out with lots of hot
freshmen women who are getting drunk and staying at my
place durning mardi gras, this sucks.....

wait...no it doesn't


Dirty Mexicans

Thought that would get your attention.

so yeah we started this like a long time ago in a galaxy
far far away..
ok really it was over on carrollton but anyways

not much to say outside of Thesis sucks. i need a nap.

and Peaches and Karen rule...

Jeff sucks.

umm yeah dirty mexicans are jsut dirty.

but clean mexicans..are clean

mexicans are from mexico

"Today's forcast is partly cloudy with a chance of DOOM!" -

got to love Family Guy

The B



Cheese is soooo good.But crackers are good too, I love crackers.cheese on crackers.....paridise.



Why aren't butts detachable. Girls are always saying they
hate their rears, but most of the girls that say that...I
would love to have that thing around to grab or look at.
Most of the girls that say that, have very very lovely ones.
If only it were detachable, they would be willing to give
it too me.
Then I would have a whole lotta ass.
I would have to buy lots of leather to go with them though,
and that would be kinda expensive.




Ok people. Looks like we need clarification.
The thing about this page it.
For the most part

I don't actually support things like one night stands,
killing women, or burning texas...well...maybe burning
texas. But hey, lets just remember that it's all in good
fun. K


One Nighters

Instans messanger is ruining one night stands.

So, you meet a girl, have a little fun.
At the end of it all, you don't give your phone number,
cause you really don't feel like talking to them again,
but, so you don't feel like a total jerk, the exchange of
SN's come.
Now who can resist ever adding a SN to their list if they
have it. No one can, it's not possible. The more people
are on your list, the better a person you are, and that's a
So..you add the name, and then, who can resist reading
their away messages and profile. You can't.
So then, you can't just forget about them, cause you always
know where there are, if their around, and what their
favorite quote of the week is.
You must then oneday IM then when your bored and "playful"

It's easy to resist calling
But who can resist IM.



the world

remember animaniacs? dude that show ruled. how i miss good shows.

oh well off to take over the world



We all live in a yellow submarine.




Ever had one of those moments where things seemed good?
Only to find out you can tell shit from shinola?

yeah so waht is shinola? why aren't there more godo bands out there right now?

o on a scale of one to 100 i rate your mom a 10..she's a slut like your sister...that quote was so funny today.

anyways i had nothign important or cool to say. Just thought i would drop a line and see how things are ya know?

Biscuit a Quick
one bad ass mutha fucka




Life is all about who you know

So are you the type of person that needs to make
connections, or are you the type of person people want to

I think i'm the type that people are afraid of,

Okay, we've had some really great responses, so here are a bunch, just for the hey. You people who complain your feed back isn't posted...here you go.
Now, more of ya'll send us messages, and will pick the best and post them (these aren't the best, they are just all of them)


-----"Oooh...you lie. Cuz I am the shiznat, therefore, I'm the coolest. LOL"

-----"I think it can work. I asked your mom. Then again she says yes to everyone... no wait, thats tylers mom. Nevermind.-Mystery Man(hint: begins with A and is jewish :-D)"

----ummmm cool cool "perdy" ?? are you like one of those people from texas that speak with that accent? lol nmb -Gina

----bjorn thinks you're nothing but a sex object

----Bjorn- you are fucking -CRAZY- were you on something when you wrote this cause it is so funny (and so true) Though i don't think Connecticut is a shitty state cause i live there, but there are states that are better.- Ali

----Hey! I'm from Texas!BUT ALABAMA RULES & i'm drunkg

----women aren't that bad, i bring logan beers all the time, let him have the remote & want to get it on 24/7 (it helps when you have a SUPERHOT boyfriend from bama) besides, isn't it good that women suck? ;-)ps. yeah, speaking from 18 years of living there, texas sucks...pps. i programed a master budget into my calc for accounting, but why did i name it "masterbate"?

----if you ever want to see ROA (Rules of Attraction, not return on assets, damn finance majors & their screwy wys of thinking)again, gimme a HOLLA!!!patrick bateman & his brother are hot as hellbut not hotter than logan and his sexy southern alabama self...----You guys, y'all are the weirdest kids I know but I love ya for it. The Pot----you know what's really cool? driving around in a chevy blazer blasting Mahler and Beethoven. Everytime Logan does that it completely turns me on. cuz we call know piansts like Logan are incredibly hot.~TEMS ho----you guys are crazy!!!-Shea

----Fuck PETA, join with me to start PET-P! People for the ethical treatment of people. or pickle, when she doesn't shit in your car's driver seat.

----"its like driving around in a honda with a sound system blaring country...who the fuck does that"hey. fuck you.

----I love you for who you areI want you so bad I scream when I think of youPlease for the love of all things holy take me out of my misery and fuck me like there is no tomorrowOH GOD PLEASEOH GODOH GOD

----Women are selfish evil bitches. It's that simple. Women hate other women. Therefore, we use men as pawns to get back at each other. We try to find more men, hotter men, richer men than what our friends have. Men are like cars to women. Men drive fast cars to prove their manliness; women drive hot men to prove their female power. The key is to find a woman that has already won the game and has nothing left to prove, or to find a girl that has hardly any female friends (hence no need to compete). ~The losingest Female Combatant this side of Taiwan

----teach me how to molest inanimate objects~TEMS ho

----Re: Valentine's Pole I think it's great to ask a chick out on a first date on Valentine's Day. Especially when they're hot and anonymous.

----Word to your mother. Do I have to bring friends too?

----never stop looking--she's out there. Just like there is the right guy out there for me--just takes patience and time (yeeep sucks ass but...gotta wait)



In minneapolis they have the best jingle for pizza

it stuck in my head for life. i mean realyl suck. When i am there i know to "call 488-8888 for the very best pizza you ever ate"

see stuck for life
On another note. I need to stop sending mixed singles to people. that's it. i'm an idiot with a stupid jingle in my head. Oh yeah damn jingle.

shit now i have another one"8to 8 at a regular rate. Thanks to lenny's"

damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it
oh well i suck. what ever. Rember kids self-deprication makes life easier. why like yourself when there isnt a reason to?



So...how is it that women can be so entirely evil?

I mean straight out, no feeling, just attack you type.

So so many can be like that, I think it's their little way
of making themselves feel better about situations, and in
control of their life.
By treating someone like crap, they feel like the empowered
Tulane girls are especially bad, it is unbelievable.
I keep meeting girls that seem worth time, but then they
turn their ugly colors.
I have never been treated as badly, by the worst of people
as I have been treated by women who are supposed to be my
friend, or other, or even care at all.
I really don't get it.
I guess most of them here are just bad people, and that's
what it comes down to.
But at least most of them think they are good people.
One more girl has just been added to the "I'm never going
to talk to you again" list.
It's a sad thing.




Saterday, Crewe de Veux
Us and friends.



why does the library have the most uncompfratble chairs in the world? why does modelling wood have to cost $53? why does my computer have to hate me? why do i have t oget up in the morning? why do some southerns sound ignant? why is everything for them one syllabal? why can't i spell?


lots more to come..oh yeah lots more




So...I was scaring Bjorn alot, and decided I was in a good
moode to update the diary. Then I realized, this isn't
reall a diary, and isn't meant to be.
But then, what is it meant to be
It can't be a prude whore (like Blythe now calls me, though
her names are nicer than the ones sarah has given me.)

It's entertainment for people
It makes people think we're crazy....so..brings the truth.
Warps people's mind through our own warpedness...
One day everyone will act like us.
The already imitate, or say your crazy, your so crazy, what
is wrong with you.
I want to say the word kill, but we won't kill those people
just yet.
We won't kill anyone, cause that is bad.
Killing is bad
This thing is either the greatest thing to hit man
kind...or will be it's eventual downfall.
As it evolves...we will have to chose a path soon...

The BJ Happy Hour will soon evolve to the next level.




You people who leave us messages....you are all crazy.
So...leave us more messages :-)



explain women?

i don't get women. I mean what do you ahve to do to find the good ones? Why aren't thing more obvious? you're supposed to meet that perfect someone and then slowly fall into love with them. but if love doesn't exist or women are ONLY concerned about $$$ then what? What about those who it doesn't matter to? Is having morals and the ability to stand for them such a bad thing?

WOMEN- explain things to me. Tell me what i'm missing. I have offically given up on trying. They aren't sttracted to me now they won't be later right? Is there soemthign seriously wrong with me?

if so let me know...

ps. leave a message and if its good i'll email you back.

Pick up

Women are crazy, and a pain.
I've met a few worth the time
but they are all out of town.
Guess after they meet me, they must just leave town ;-)
Cause who needs a perfect night twice.

Twix are for twice.

I am the lizard queen



Valentines Pole

Is it bad to ask a girl on a first date for Valentines
day? Some girls think it's a really bad idea, some think
it's good. What do YOU think?


oh, and the last one was J too, the movie reviewie

Bad Movie Night II

Well, we failed, the movie wasn't THAT bad. We went and saw "The Recruit." I highly predictable movie, not exactly great, but not bad either, worth two hours of my life.I was able to predict how the movie before I even entered the theatre. As it went along, they tried to be twisty and creative, but for big brains like mine, all was a little obvious.
But besides that, was cool.James Bond like characters, ummm....girls....ummm...not too much stupid unrealistic stuff.

And how come Jason knew so many girls at the theater.
I need more girls, even though they suck.

crap for $$

so i jsut bid and won a wod box thing for $25 made by blaise...i didn't even know that blaize could make htigns.

so anyways yeah i need beer, boos, and fun

i need to go to hoooters..except i need to go fro free

anyone want to give me free beer, boobs, or fun? how about broken/old ocmputers?
let me know



so life is retarded. Tulane is retarded and girls are retarded. See this girl i like..call her Flirty McFlirt, is the most difficult person to understand in the whole freakin universe. its like trying ti figure out how marlon brando ate the state of Delaware to look like h is now. One moment she's fliting and giggly the next she's all hmph. what the fuck i mean WHAT THE FUCK> where is Bill when i need to laugh at someone. oh if you are reading this bill SUCK IT TREBECK.

why is the state not on anymore. it was only the funniest sketch comedy show on tv. it was back when MTV was not so evil...ok diet coke of evil. anyways so bored here at work sitting in a room full of drawers full of slides of buildings and shit. dam nthis might be ther most boring but most kick ass job ever. dude i do nothing all day at work and love it. anyways i should probably think aobut doing some readings so i can write this crappy 3 research papers for thursday. i am so fucked

that's the theme for today. I AM FUCKED. alright on that note back to some Holst classical and jalapeno chips. damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

visit www.homestarrunner.com today..best website ever. I AM SO AWESOME.


runs with scissors

ya'll don't let people comment while you write one of these. they never shut up .Jennifer is so NOT awesome] stop fooling with the keyboard. see girls are evil

she just sits here harrassing me while i try to run around the room with sharp objects. instead a iget a chemistry book thrown at me and the dirtiest OREO conversation ever....ps when liking the cream of an oreo refer to it as a nipple.
Girls loves nipples.

this is not a dirty rumor about jennifer. not at all. Its a big fat lie. really it is.
"I like boys" - Jennifer...let's not discuss these issues anymore

ps. we all need food so i am going to eat bacon. ok really it is paper with bacon drawn on it. ok never mind

oh look fire! ....-B


So much

Ever love someone so much that you can't tell them because
you would ruin something already one step away from perfect.
Ever think you love someone so much that you can't tell
them because then you might realize you really didn't love
Ever think you loved someone so much that you can't tell
them because then your might realize you really do love
them that much.

One of those has happened to me.
Wonder which one it is.



Life sucks but then you die


ok so yeah i don't have time for shit. what professor thinks that you have time to read 54 pages in 2 days...when everyone in the whole school has stuff due that day inbetween?????????
arg why do i have to do something with my life..why can't i be one of the forgotten people...like in the 1930s when men would leave their families and hope to die in the slums of the US?

why can I not afford socks and food? i mean i only have 4 pairs of socks left..what happened to the other 10??? and why is milk $4 a gallon. who can afford to shop at a YUPPIE RICH-PERSON store like Whole Fukcing Foods????

why can't i be rich? evil? Head of multinational evil organization? well off? smart? attractive? talented?
why won't you answer my freakin questions?
that's it i am off to molest some inanimate objects

Singing off. This is B.


My Soundtrack

Me-ness and Bjorn decided that if my life had a soundtrack,
it would be mimes with sharp knives.




This chair is posessed. It has a mind of its own. i am right now fighting it from roling back and spinning around. If you sit in this chair it turns you away from the computer toward the door. SLowly it rolls away toward the center of the room. I think there might be a portal to hell or at least another dimension..like on SLiders

Yeah what happened to sliders. That show was fun, weird but fun.


damn chair


You know, it's pretty cool to wait till after the wedding
to have sex.
It's also okay not to sport major emmotional problems.
Ya'll work on these things.



Behold my Super Powers

hey there all you people crazy enough...weird enough to read this,so i was just wondering what possess people to be crazy. I mean why are girls crazy...can't all be hormones. In other words what the fuck?

so I have completely given up on women. On trying to understand them, communicate with them, listen to them, them. I just don't get it.

i could wallow in self pity and let you all share the misery but its much more fun to say FUCK IT. I guess i am just gonna go about my daily business and not flirt...ok not flirt well. Alright, I will not flirt as much on a regular basis unless she's cute. so yeah not going ot flirt. it doesn't get anyone anywhere. Its not like there is love to fall into or even the perfect person for anyone...stupid hollywood lies.

in other news i would like to say that I am the greatestI AM SO AWESOME..it happens when you are as attractive as me. we can't all be this cute...it wouldn't be fair. We need ugly people to work at McDonald's, wash our cars, and well make me look so much better.

In conclusion, i hate everyone equally...not racism or sexism. Jennifer Lopez sucks. Porta Ricans are trouble but cute. I am awesome. Lastly, i might ramble on here about something or the other, another time.

-B (The Awesomest Ever!)


Girls drive them selves to insanity. Seeing as all girls
are bad drivers, they hit lots of people on the way.



Girls are like a bad movie. You sit down to watch
it,knowing it's a bad movie, but you get hooked, and just
can't change the channel. And if you pay for
it..err...lets say..go to the movies...how bad does it
actually get before you'll walk out. How many movies have
you actually walked out of because it was so bad.

I really don't get the ladies.
They really are crazy, and ya, guys are stupid, and kinda
crazy, but they got nothing on girls.

Love em and hate them.
They are such an addiction.
Nothing beats curning up to a good movie with them, or
dinner and dancing...but then they talk...er..then they go

Even the best girls I know turn out to be crazy. Some of
the girls that you go, wow, this girl is really
awesome..but then you realize she's as crazy as the
rest...but she's still awesome.
It's very discouraging, that even the best are so crazy.
Cause we'll all find one one day, but they will still be
crazy, and we will still be stupid.

Well, I suppose without all the trouble, you'd never get
to "make up" ;-)
But sigh, they are wonderful.




Ya, so the police were like, we could arrest you both right
now for breaking and entering, but the funny thing is,
Bjorn didn't even go in with me. It was me and the Porta
Rican. Had it not been for the big fat girl, and the
little hairy mexican with some major issues, everything
would have been fine.
We got the cops to let us take the bed though, the New girl
with the Truck was probably pretty upset.
The girl I meet tonight seemed thankful though, and it's a
good thing I don't smoke, or I'd be high right now because
of her and my three angels, and that would be bad.
And a shout to Elizabeth who is back in town, yay!!
By the way...did I ever tell ya'll about chicago?

cause I"m from the real south, and california too away a
bit of my accent.

G'night, cause I gotta go convince a metal working teacher
to let me weld.




I love naked women, especially perdy naked women.
Everybody should have lots of pictures of perdy naked
women, except for perdy naked women, they should come over.
I just got back from Chigaco.