So...I was scaring Bjorn alot, and decided I was in a good
moode to update the diary. Then I realized, this isn't
reall a diary, and isn't meant to be.
But then, what is it meant to be
It can't be a prude whore (like Blythe now calls me, though
her names are nicer than the ones sarah has given me.)

It's entertainment for people
It makes people think we're crazy....so..brings the truth.
Warps people's mind through our own warpedness...
One day everyone will act like us.
The already imitate, or say your crazy, your so crazy, what
is wrong with you.
I want to say the word kill, but we won't kill those people
just yet.
We won't kill anyone, cause that is bad.
Killing is bad
This thing is either the greatest thing to hit man
kind...or will be it's eventual downfall.
As it evolves...we will have to chose a path soon...

The BJ Happy Hour will soon evolve to the next level.


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