Favorite Music by Letter

Stolen from a friend and it seemed like a good idea

# - (none but 13th Floor Elevators and 10,000 Maniacs each have a song in my playlist)
A - Atmosphere/Ryan Adams
B - Bjork/Beatles
C - Neko Case/Clash
D - Decemberists/Bob Dylan
E - Eels
F - Fleet Foxes
G - Gorillaz/Gossip
H - Hold Steady/Jimi Hendrix (include all works here)
I - Iron & Wine
J - Norah Jones (maybe Elton John in his good periods)
L - Led Zeppelin/Jenny Lewis
M - Modest Mouse
N - Nine Inch Nails/National
O - of Montreal/Okkervil River
P - Pixies
Q - Queen
R - Radiohead
S - Shins/Sonic Youth
T - Tool/Twilight Singers
U - U2 (since there is not much else)
V - Vampire Weekend/Velvet Underground
W - Wilco/Tom Waits
X - X (punk band)
Y - Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Neil Young
Z - Zutons


Best of 2009, so far...

I have been meaning since 4th of july to post this but forgot to copy and paste it. I was going to post images of the albums but i am too lazy. maybe on face book. we'll see.

Best Songs,

1. Lisztomania – Phoenix

2. Actor out of Work – St. Vincent

3. This Tornado Loves You – Neko Case

4. The Fear – Lily Allen

5. Wilco (the Song) – Wilco/Sacred Trickster – Sonic Youth

Best Albums:

Actor - St. Vincent

It’s Not Me, It’s You – Lily Allen

Wilco (the Album) – Wilco

Middle Cyclone – Neko Case
The Eternal – Sonic Youth/Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – Phoenix

I am thinking of maybe uploading to flickr photos albums in my possession. anyone curious about this? let me know what the best albums you've heard this year.



India reallly? WTF?


flowing white

flowing white, originally uploaded by Super Bjorn.


bright streaks 3

bright streaks 3, originally uploaded by Super Bjorn.