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I think I'm going to start using the BJ Happy hour to record some philosophy types of stuff which I'm thinking and writing. So, this is the first in the series, here we go.

Opposites of Existance.

It is not possible for something to be whatever it is without something that is not what it is. You cannot be hungry if you cannot be not hungry. If we were always hungry, it would just be the state we are, it wouldn't be hunger. There cannot be dark without light. There cannot be heaven without hell. There cannot be our plane of existance without a plane of existance that is not ours. There cannot be self without others.

Socrates states that "I think therefore I am." This makes sence, and establishes a self. For us to have a sence of "self" there must be something that is not our self. That is any other conciousness or precence that is not us.

You know what...I"m gonna come back to this later. The other day when I was laying in bed, and sitting in classes, I really worked out all this theory, and knew where I was going with it, but I seemed to have lost it for the moment. I will have to revisit it later, and first start by better proving the point that nothing can exist without something existing that is not it, or is it's opposition.




"Are you hungy?"
"No, why?"

Why...well...that is pretty easy to answer. We know the answer. Someone asks, hey, are you hungry, it basically means "wanna go get some food." So why would we say why?

I am not sure why, I know I ask the why, I just did a moment ago. I believe it is as not to feel rude. Just saying no is great for drugs, but seems rude in conversation. So abrupt...no....and nothing else, seems so empty. So...we ask why to be polite maybe? And also, to get more details. Cause you can't really say, "I'm not really hungry, but what did you have in mind, I am assuming you mean we should go get some food, and maybe you'll suggest something that sounds good and I'll be on board, but I really am not that hungry...so..I dunno.." So therefore the "why" leads into deeper conversation.

But sometimes that why is really neccessary.Lets try an example without the why....

"Are you dead?"
"Okay, see ya soon."
hmmmm....leaves lots of questions. Now, lets try with the why.

"Are you dead?"
"No, why?"
"Oh, I was just supposed to drop something off, and hadn't seen you around for awhile, so was wondering if you were still alive."
"Okay, come on over."

See....you go from wondering if someone is coming over to kill you, to picking up a ticking package. Why's can help.

Now you might ask, why do I have nothing better to do than write this? The answer is...I do have better things to do, I'm just a procrastinator.


Beer Reply

I'm a republican, and there ain't no beer I like.

And what do you expect from texans...


Beer Reply

I'm a republican, and there ain't no beer I like.

And what do you expect from texans...




Ok it Beer O'Clock and anyone who doesn't know that needs to drink beer. Beer is the best form of alcohol. It has the least side effects and there are plenty of ales to try. What stupid Republican, freedom hating, jesus-as-a-weapon weilding assholes doesn't at least like one type of beer.

Speaking of evil republicans who in their right mind wants to limit people's freedoms...don't you want everyone to be able to pursue the american dreams? ...enoungh of that

weird that J talks about ppl falling out of our lives. I thought about one person the other day a ceertain woman in TX who i though i was good friends with and i thought she was smart. then the dumb ass lets a boy decide who she can talk to and such. who does that? she obviously is insecure and this is also the first serious relationship she has had.

what a bitch.
well time to fuckin make a move on yo...

- B


There are many interesting memories associated with this
dern "diary" Many of which are most pleasent, though many
bring back memories of people who don't really exist in my
life anymore.

It is always a shame when someone close drops out of your
life. Would be easy not to if the other person would just
make some kind of simple effort.

Life could be so easy, but people complicate it of the
studpiester or things which they can't explain or justify,
they just do. Perhaps they do it to feel the emotions of
love and pain associated with the trouble they create. It
may be pain, but at least they feel something.

Still gonna try and start updating this thing again,
hopefully most will be more funnier than this though.
Hopefully some people give me some good memories worth
writing in this thing and sharing.

Oh...and super date girl...went crazy again. Here and