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Tell Me A Story

This is one of the best speeches/podcasts I have ever heard.

Please check it out and keep Science cool.







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i like this image i took and thought i'd share

parking fail

parking fail
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really? that is a parking space?


watching a slow death

Reactions to "Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson"

Yesterday we went and saw Gonzo and I really enjoyed it. I find HST to be extremely interesting figure in American history and literature. He captured the times he lived in so perfectly and with such humor and insight that the parallels to the current time are scary. He wrote and dealt with a sociopath and crook of a president. So scared I am as I saw what went on '72 as he covered the campaign trail of what the DFL could do wrong this year and blow the best opportunity we have to change this country in 40 or 50 years. Not since Kennedy has there been an opportunity like this.

The part that scares me the most is I feel we are watching a tired dinosaur of a republic collapse under greed and so-called capitalism take away our rights and lives. We gradually hand over everything we hold dear in the name of patriotism and "security." I find the "bull in the china shop" approach to our country and our constitution to be disheartening in the way watching a loved die does. The film made me realize how little my generation cares for the country and how much Reagen ruined things by promoting the the "me generation" ideals. I am unsure of what will happen next or what I want to happen. I am as guilty and others but where is the outrage, the protests, the violence, and the passion needed to fix the situation. I have seen two blown elections, stolen from us for the needs of the right wing. Never before has god been so displeased with out reactions that he has allowed things to be even further removed from our abilities to change things.

I see health care leap and bound above reasonable levels into stratosphere that only the robber-barons can afford. I watch education descend into maddness that allows religion to be disquised as science and no one seems to care. I feel civil rights gradually begun show up only to be removed and hidden in places where discrimination is allowed. Grasing at straws of understanding why our economy has to be held hostage to the rich as the allow the poor to waste away from our american soil. I cry over tragedies of our hsitory that are washed over as we prop up presidents who really did more harm than good. We immortalize celebrity but forget the difficulty of our everyday life becomes facts and not somethine we are willing to change. We give blood for oil and waste young men and women in the service of the backers of the corrupt presidency. I hate seeing wasted youth for old men ignoring a war that at least made sense for a can of worms that may unleash more dificulty on innocent because we have never like people of brown skin.

This country's death becomes more and more a fact unless we rise up and show the corrupt business leaders who have lobbied the liars and leaders out of doing their duty. I am frighted. I am angry. I cry over gas because I know some where there was a solution but we let Detroit tells us what we want instead of being smart. I am appalled at the overwhelming lack of intellegence and that the country adores the stupid.

I am writing on a precipise and hoping that I don't fall. I know not where the end of the canyon is.

HST on September 12, 2001


food porn for today

here is some images of food porn for today from La Madeleine

Tomato Basil Soup

Croque Monseieur

Sacher Torte Parfait
can't find a picture but here is a Sacher Torte

I love french food. What is your favorite french food?