Being Sick Sucks...it really sucks. but i am getting better. Still it sucks.



Crazy Test

DisorderRatingParanoid:LowSchizoid:HighSchizotypal:Very HighAntisocial:LowBorderline:ModerateHistrionic:LowNarcissistic:ModerateAvoidant:LowDependent:ModerateObsessive-Compulsive:High--Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --



I am so hating this firday. I am not doing work i am pruposely ignoring everything. I count ballots for AIAS only to actually recieve i vote. WHO THE FUCK VOTED FOR ME...damn you michelle

Now i can successfully take over the world. I really want to know why tulane is full of crappy shit head. who the fuck let's this fucknuts in? just cause you're rich doesn't make you a good person.I am so excited for baseball today.

I am also excited for the TGIF cause i can get free food..the only real meal all day.

oh by the way the word of the day is Vaginarific.

also good words are craptacular, shitastic, fuckinredible.

until next time,
the B



Ok, been awhile since I"ve made a bunch of complaints
To start off, I love the movie the Whole Nine Yards

After that
Why do tulane women suck so so bad
They have no morals
they are whores
they are mostly bad people
Even the good people are bad people
Tulane guys aren't so great either, but the women are even
worse. Guys just wanna sleep around, the Tulane Girls do.
Gangbangs for some. Contests to see how many they can get
in a month for others. Or in a day for some.
"I just like sex"
Well, good for you.
Sex and whores isn't the only problem, but man is it a
problem. The things I find out about people.. Tulane
people are messed up. 99.9% of them. If the pepole I love
the most, and are my good friends, or I even date. They
are messed up.
I will not find a wife at Tulane, that is for sure. They
are not the women you take to mamma.
They are also way into themselves. Way to stuck up. Way
to money grubing. Expect everything, and want to give
nothing. It's always take take take with this women. Us
guys will go so far out of our ways just to do one little
nice thing that will make a girl smile, and they think
nothing of it, get mad when you don't do stuff like that,
and could never dream of doing anything for you that wasn't
immediatly convinient, or that did not benifit them
directly in some way.
I would swear off all Tulane girls, but I know that will
not last. It's hard enough swearing off architectute
girls. Some are just so cute, and they are the only girls
I meet. They are all probably really messed up too. The
worst part is, most of them are nice girls, even my good
friends, but you learn new things about them everyday.
I can't believe the things these girls do.
I cannot even fathom the stuff. And they think it's all
good. Most of them are good people, just have no morals.
Bjorn is here...brb.
Ok, screw Tulane girls
Those few who are good girls.
Stay that way, and teach people to be like you.



I bein to wonder

"everyday is the same things. different faces with no name. places i have never been before. And I begin to wonder (about what's happened to me lately)"

so yeah i am use that quote. Last night sucked...i was up all night rendering crap for studio..only to have one of them never finish..grrrr. The computer lab at school sucks ass and i spent lots of time sitting around doing nothing too...just waiting for something to finish.

jeff being the dork he is..never asked me for my keys to go home so he just hung out till 4.30 when Kim took him back ot our house. Kim is awesome. We ate at der ratskellar.
so yeah question is...what fun things can you do at 3 am when you can't really use a computer for games?

i really need ideas..i just sat and thought about htings..nothing relevent or interesting but things.

so now i begin to wonder...
ps...if you know the song let me know