The evil has returned

yes i am back.
I am more evil than ever. So i didn't have a means to write here this sumemr but now...now i will try. I might be more weekly and since i am going to see Lost In Translation tonight all is good.

Bill Murray is one of the funniest men alive if not ever.

so short and sweet this is but

Jeff beware. I have powers beyond human understanding. I also don't have studio so i have to do some of the follow : drink martinis at 3pm, tell shit heads in the print lab that i can't print today cause i am full of duties, point and laugh at the sorority girl/communications majors, set fire to things, ride around in a z3, afternoons spent napping, and yes the best of all...spend time with that special someone or Rhiannon.

so as i prepare for my one class friday...done at 10am fridays, i can gaurntee that i will have fun doing soemthing or else.

BEWARE I got sunshine in a bag
- B


Not Forgotten

I haven't forgotten this place, just been busy, dont'
woryr, I'm stilly crazy and ranting and misspelling.
Moggie who ha ha
Leave us messages!!!
no more entries till you leave me messages!!!!


...but I do think B forgot about this place

LEAVE MESAGES, funny or flatering ones



The DJ

Eyes of Thunder
Eyes of Passion
Eyes of Theft
Eyes of Love
Eyes of Calm
Eyes of Soothing
Eyes of Chaos
Eyes of Birth
Eyes of Fire


Easy on the eyes


I am currently speaking to the most beautiful, smart, and
sexy girl I currently know. yay for me. I wish her all
the happiness and wellness in the world, for to me, she has
given the gift of a smile. I shall forever be in her debt.

Coffee Fumes

I've been sitting here while
in the rue now pj's
coffee fumes strong
long time here
sick maybe
tired as
I dunno


Adam part I

This is the start of a new series, on how adam is dumb, and
the first a in his name is not even worth capitalizing.
Stay online for reasoning for adam's ignorance. The first
major entry should appear at some point tonight.



The JN Band

(read in an old timey radio voice...or paul harvey voice)

Last night, the Jeff and Norah band made it's stunning
debut into the music community over WTUL New Orleans, the
late night shows of late night shows.
This blossoming band, with small begginings and big
ambitions took the airwaves by storm. Thousands stood
outside the small windows of the station attempting to get
a glimpse of America's newest musical sensation. However,
only 6 people were able to. Those six people have now
fullfilled the dreams of every small child in our humble
little nation.
This dynamic band consists of three jewls of the world.
The first the amazing, wonderful, heart-throb of a man,
Jeff. With his slick attitude and sly comeover, he is a
force to be reconded with. Ladies lock up your daughters,
he's on the move. Up that is.
Then there is the lovely, sexy, eadible sweetheart, Noarh.
The true heart behind the band, the ideal that every young
women dreams to be. Her fan club already in the thousands,
headed by Al Gore himself. Just be careful lads, for there
may not be a man to tame this wild beast.
And where would this wondeful group be without it's start
and end in the Tall, adorable, gorgeous heartbreaker
Bronwen. She was the soul inspirtation for the band, has
arranged all gigs, and well, lets face it, they wouldn't
exist without her and her on air charm. Don't let that
sweet soothing voice fool you boys, though it does seem to
fool the many men that buy her dinner every night. Any one
here order a pizza?

So, wether you are a hard core punk fan, a death metal
lover, or a respecter of the classical arts, you must
admit, this is the best band you have ever heard, ever will
hear, our ever could imagine hearing.
So remember, 2-4 saterday morning, and who knows when
else. Tune in, and be DJ'd to heaven.

This is J, signing out.



By the way, the Last few entries, starting at the
cockaricet or whatever I called it have been from the J.
I'll try and remember to sign from now on.
Oh, and be good little dears, and leave us messages.


Brain must work to read this

Every week I go, oh man, it's only monday...(I'm gonna stop
using caps) or oh yay, it's friday!! but i realize, it
doesn't matter...(it's silly to use double letters, i'm
gonna stop that)..because saturday and sunday, i just kep
working. i don't get any type of break...(it's stupid to
use ea...i'm just gona replace that with a)..so i never
stop working, there is no brak, why does..(and while i'm at
it, i'm geting rid of oe, and using just u) it even mater
that it's friday. i work seven days a wek with no braks. i
don't raly mind though (gh = g)
if i wasn't doing anything, then what would ( ou is
definatly repetativ, so lets make it o) i have to do,
nothing. so last monday when i thoht (and ght and th is the
same as t) oh grat, it's only monday, it dusn't even raly
mater because i've ben working al te time anyways. i have
just always ben taut
however, fridays are esentialy grat due (and why ue, lets
go to o) to te fact tat columns has a terific hapy hor.
I write (wr?? tat makes no sence, r is beter, and neiter
(ei is definatly e) dus ce..it's just prononced s) hapy hor
into my schedole for fridays, it is hig on my list of
priorities, sens i get a smal amont of braks. i migt go
crazy witot hapy hor. if it's betwen eter my job or hapy
hor, i'l take hap hor.
be careful when ordering drinks, it dus mater which felow
dos yor drink. te tal black (and why ck, just k is fine)
where was i? oh ya, te tal blak guy dosn't raly do a god
job wit long islands. te skiny white guy dos a grat job
tog. so eter get te white guy or get anoter drink, sens te
blak guy can't do it rit.
even beter tan a drink rigt now wold be a big tik stak wit
a large beverage of some sort.
however, sens it is niter friday or wednesday, i am wit ot
much optons for hap hory or staks. i wold rater at at my
hose anyways.
wel, tis entry is geting rater long so my tots are tat i
shold end it soner tan later. I raly like my improvements
on or prety wel waky language tog.


WireLess Net

I'm in class right now. There are about 20 of us, I am
just a few feet from my teacher, in a small room. But I am
still on the internet, surfing...writing in the BJ happy
hour, talking to women on IM. How has technology helped us
with learning?
Now to end this before he walks over and I get in trouble
Besides, I need to learn more about aristotle... though not
sure if through an architecture class is the best way
Oh, and my teacher is really tall
This one isn't funny.
I'll write more about the aron girls next, and how they are
going to fatten me up.


The Cocricket

So, I jump to the left, and pivot to the right, and roll
forward, and take three steps back, and do a little war
cry. I ran to smote the cockroch....but I could not. For
it was a cricket, and women are crazy
But, to the four Aron women with spines of butter, I love
them all