The evil has returned

yes i am back.
I am more evil than ever. So i didn't have a means to write here this sumemr but now...now i will try. I might be more weekly and since i am going to see Lost In Translation tonight all is good.

Bill Murray is one of the funniest men alive if not ever.

so short and sweet this is but

Jeff beware. I have powers beyond human understanding. I also don't have studio so i have to do some of the follow : drink martinis at 3pm, tell shit heads in the print lab that i can't print today cause i am full of duties, point and laugh at the sorority girl/communications majors, set fire to things, ride around in a z3, afternoons spent napping, and yes the best of all...spend time with that special someone or Rhiannon.

so as i prepare for my one class friday...done at 10am fridays, i can gaurntee that i will have fun doing soemthing or else.

BEWARE I got sunshine in a bag
- B

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