Milking the design community

Is this how we will attain a "green" future: turning to design and innovation to make small steps and rethink everyday items, such as milk jugs, rather than focusing solely or even principally on reducing consumer consumption, and alternative energy use? New York Times



i love beer

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your stupid ringtone

I don't care how much you love that band but using them as a ringtone that is so loud you can here it across the office, is FUCKING STUPID. In the office stay with vibrate or quiet phone sounding ring. No band sounds great through the tiny phone speakers. It ruins every band.

At the mall one time there was a Britney Spears ring that basically made her sound like cat claws on chalkboard. So no matter what gets put on your phone you even ruined Ode To Joy for all of the world.

So in the office please vibrate your phone. In public get a real phone sounding ring you stupid cunty douchebag!


learn to park

Hey Assholes! Learn to Park.
you with the big ass truck that is longer than the parking space - park in the back of the lot where you won't keep in people's way.

Why do you have to back into the space? Really? is that necessary at all? While you take 30 minutes in your try and park your POS SUV into the space I try and not to get out and kill you.

I really hate your kids too!

That is all today for why i am pissed off today.



Political Picture - Camp Justice, Guantanamo Bay
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because i am an ugly person

my favorite ugly person looking ugly. i hate her attitude and her holier-than-thou approach to herself and her work. so here is a great shot of her and her black dead heart.  fuck you katherine heigl i hope your career fails.

ps. grey's anatomy is stupid like soap opera stupid. ugh.