So i was thinking..yeah i know its dangerous but...i wonder what i did to deserve this semester. So these 2 people i have to work with for studio are dictators and well they make things so hard to understand and deal with. I hate it when a groups of 10 people has to work together but no matter what the group decides upon these 2 seem to take it over and make other descions. i can't spell sorry.

Well next thoguht is that back massages/rubs are the greatest thing ever. I just had a great one and it made my day better. I also realized that there are some pretty awesome women i know but never do anything with or about. I have fallen into a trap. I think there are too many to choose from but then there is 2 that mean alot to me.

One is GA and she reads this and knows. Sorry so many miles seperate us but friends are always better than relationships. See she understands that i have no time and well distance never works so we are friends.

THe other i really just got to know. Actually i made an ass of myself infront of her and a bunch of her friends. if ony i oculd tell what i did. The other problem is that i am not tied down to either.

I am SINGLE and loving it. but lately...certain friends remind me of how great it is to eat dinner and go dancing with someone you care about.

Last thought involves music. I found an awesome new artist. his name is Roy Joseph. he's from CA (i htink) and you can only get his cd online from his website...at least that's where i found it. He is a wonderful lyricist and playsa soft casual folk-rock thing. He makes john mayer look like crap..actually anyone can do that. If you like Mr. Mayer-can't-play-worth-shit-bad-singer or Ryan Adams..check Roy Joseph out. otherwise check him out anyways.

ps. guys are retarded..hence me but why are girls so evil and wonderful at the same time?

Roofies and Condoms

Ya, so, me and Bjorn were talking about giving this girl
that he likes some rufies, but she doesn't drink....
well...ne ways...we were just joking I'm sure..
and well, I was staying it, not him...
but to the point
so he whips out some pills and takes them out of the
pacakage, so I'm like, hey man, you can't give yourself
rufies and he's like jeff, rufies don't come in packages
like this, so I thought to myself, hey, what type of
package should rufies come in, it seemed most obvious that
they should come packaged with comdoms. In the center of
the condom wraper thing there could be a little ruffie,
indipendant of the condom, so you could break it out and
have the condom later and the ruffie first. I am such a
genious, who makes that stuff ne ways, I should give them
that idea.




the Logan entry is weird...How do you respond to that?

Really jeff might be a total moron and not just a sorta moron.


Jeff you are Fucked up


Man, Logan is soooo hot, and he's from Alabama. How is
that not hot. Even hotter than that new hottie I"m
drooling over. Man, wow...Logan = hot.
On a scale of one to super model, he's a super hunk.
I just want to rip his clothes off and mount him right here
and right now.
Oh baby, I wanna lay him down on the beach and the go down
and lay him.
I want to cover his body in chocolate and lick it all off.
I want him to cover me in whip cream and lick it all off.
Does anyone else smell astro-glide?
Man, Logan is so hot,
I'm gonna have to fight ann for him




Welcome to the most boring place on earth. Yes that sign needs to sit at everyroad into North Dakota. Besides that things are great.

Women aren't pure evil..just bringers of evil. I am met this most awesome girl. Excpet if i write too much here she'll read it and then i have to explainn myself agian. I had a revelation this weekend. It has changed my outlook on life and myself. how great is that? How often do you havea life changing experience?

So this moment this weekend, this set of 24 hours has led to something else. I want to leave here, leave minnesota, the midwest...comfort for something very new. Somewhere where i know no one. Somewhere clean. A fresh start. That start is going to be Portland or Seattle. The pacific nOrthwest has interested me for a long time and now i am going. One year from now i am going to be finishing school here and getting ready to move there. I need a fresh start again. New orleans was the first now time for the second. If i can get an internship there this summer it will be great. i can get a feel for the area and then enjoy it. Love it. Then go from there. For the longest time i wanted to go to hollywood and do something there. Now Now i need something new

which leads me to my thought how often do we need something new?

Every one needs the opportunity to start again. Hopefully for the best. Maybe it will lead to starting anew in europe and Australia too. Never know. I am following a gut ambition here but sooner or later i need to leave the past behind.

The past means nothing. IT only holds you back. So I am dumping my past for my future.
let see where it will go.


ps. sour cream and onion lays are awesome..food of the dayand the song of the day is "Bad Habit" - offspring


Mardi Gras

It's mardi gras, whoppidy wooo woo.
And my roomate is a jerk, man, he just asked me to watch
over his cousin and 4 freshmen women who are coming into
town...why would I want to hang out with lots of hot
freshmen women who are getting drunk and staying at my
place durning mardi gras, this sucks.....

wait...no it doesn't


Dirty Mexicans

Thought that would get your attention.

so yeah we started this like a long time ago in a galaxy
far far away..
ok really it was over on carrollton but anyways

not much to say outside of Thesis sucks. i need a nap.

and Peaches and Karen rule...

Jeff sucks.

umm yeah dirty mexicans are jsut dirty.

but clean mexicans..are clean

mexicans are from mexico

"Today's forcast is partly cloudy with a chance of DOOM!" -

got to love Family Guy

The B