So i was thinking..yeah i know its dangerous but...i wonder what i did to deserve this semester. So these 2 people i have to work with for studio are dictators and well they make things so hard to understand and deal with. I hate it when a groups of 10 people has to work together but no matter what the group decides upon these 2 seem to take it over and make other descions. i can't spell sorry.

Well next thoguht is that back massages/rubs are the greatest thing ever. I just had a great one and it made my day better. I also realized that there are some pretty awesome women i know but never do anything with or about. I have fallen into a trap. I think there are too many to choose from but then there is 2 that mean alot to me.

One is GA and she reads this and knows. Sorry so many miles seperate us but friends are always better than relationships. See she understands that i have no time and well distance never works so we are friends.

THe other i really just got to know. Actually i made an ass of myself infront of her and a bunch of her friends. if ony i oculd tell what i did. The other problem is that i am not tied down to either.

I am SINGLE and loving it. but lately...certain friends remind me of how great it is to eat dinner and go dancing with someone you care about.

Last thought involves music. I found an awesome new artist. his name is Roy Joseph. he's from CA (i htink) and you can only get his cd online from his website...at least that's where i found it. He is a wonderful lyricist and playsa soft casual folk-rock thing. He makes john mayer look like crap..actually anyone can do that. If you like Mr. Mayer-can't-play-worth-shit-bad-singer or Ryan Adams..check Roy Joseph out. otherwise check him out anyways.

ps. guys are retarded..hence me but why are girls so evil and wonderful at the same time?

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