Man, Logan is soooo hot, and he's from Alabama. How is
that not hot. Even hotter than that new hottie I"m
drooling over. Man, wow...Logan = hot.
On a scale of one to super model, he's a super hunk.
I just want to rip his clothes off and mount him right here
and right now.
Oh baby, I wanna lay him down on the beach and the go down
and lay him.
I want to cover his body in chocolate and lick it all off.
I want him to cover me in whip cream and lick it all off.
Does anyone else smell astro-glide?
Man, Logan is so hot,
I'm gonna have to fight ann for him



anne said...

Sorry to break it to ya Jeff, but I already did all that
stuff. Sex on the beach? Check. Whipped cream,
absolutely. And especially astroglide. It's like being in
some sort of sexual slip n slide theme park... You name the
place, we've done it.... everywhere. WHich leads me to
this final thought: OH LOGAN YOU ARE SO MUCH MAN

grossed out yet? ;-)

Logan said...

Logan speaks....
I am hot, yes, i am definitely hot. but there just
ain't enough of this southern ass to go around so right
now, ann gets it all even though chocolate does sound good.