Roofies and Condoms

Ya, so, me and Bjorn were talking about giving this girl
that he likes some rufies, but she doesn't drink....
well...ne ways...we were just joking I'm sure..
and well, I was staying it, not him...
but to the point
so he whips out some pills and takes them out of the
pacakage, so I'm like, hey man, you can't give yourself
rufies and he's like jeff, rufies don't come in packages
like this, so I thought to myself, hey, what type of
package should rufies come in, it seemed most obvious that
they should come packaged with comdoms. In the center of
the condom wraper thing there could be a little ruffie,
indipendant of the condom, so you could break it out and
have the condom later and the ruffie first. I am such a
genious, who makes that stuff ne ways, I should give them
that idea.


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