so yeah happy holidays and good luck on something or other. I feel the need to express my greatest ideas. I am the coolest person on earth. yep i am. beg to differ?? well then think aobut how you can qualify being cool and we will discuss it.

so christmas is a long holiday..not bad just long. My football team won on christmas day.so since its the holidays and nothing has happened. this is boring.

so enjoy this boring ramblings and move on. write ya'll in january...maybe things won't suck then



things that you can kill

so driving around the wild midwest on my way home this week has tought me something...that this country is boring. between the gulf of mexico and canada is nothing..absolutely nothing. Yes that's right nothign...there is nothing.

i also think that i am going to banter on about nothign for awhile just to see what happens. i like to write about nothing cause thens its ten times more entertaining. you never know what i might say like jews suck or that catholics are whores. also jeff can't type or spell but then neither cna i. who gives a fuck. see when these commericals ned i will stop typing and then i can prove the jews can't be palladins..wait that's south park

so yeah let's just see what happens when bjorn is unleashed on the world..things will be great

commercials are over have a good week


To Chage or to Die

I swear on this day that I will one day end civilization in
every way that we know it, and take humanity (if we can
even call it that anymore) into something you can never
even dream of. And because you can't dream of it is why I
must take us there, and no one else will.

Well...maybe someone else will...that would be cool, cause
I'm already too busy.

and ya...I'm crazy, just don't tell myself.

I wrote this a long time ago...last year...enjoy

JEFF: "That's the awesomist shirt."

DAN: "Is awesomist even a word?"

JEFF: "Did I just say it..did I..did I?"

DAN: ...(That means he's just staring at me.)

JEFF: "If I did, which I did, then it's a word."

Dan's a whore, who bitches on his website about all
that's wrong with the world, and now I'm going to bitch at
him, and all those like him, who like to correct my grammar.

If I say a word like "awesomist," there is bound to
be some person trying to impress themselves by asking a
stupid question, like: "Is that a real word?" If it wasn't
real, how could I possibly say it? Just as bad
is: "Shouldn't that be most awesome?" What are you, the
grammar police, trying to keep me from embarrassing myself?
You obviously understood me, so why waste my time arguing
about weather (or why I use that weather rather than this
whether (Dan complained about this)) it should
be "awesomist" or "more awesome"? As a side note, things
like ugly, uglier, and ugliest all come from Germanic
origins, and according to the Germans, I should be able to
say fun phrases like ugliester without any regrets. But we
changed things because we like it better being "more ugly
than thou" rather than ugliesterester. The whole point of
language and speaking is to communicate. Is there some
magical little grammar power that confuses us when someone
uses "my" instead of "me," which prevents us from
understanding what we're all saying. Or perhaps it's a
catholic priest who's behind it all. Those dirty Catholics
are what's wrong with the world today. But back to the

If I say something to you like, "You're a
flibbertigibbet!"..90% of the English speaking world isn't
going to understand that, although it's a perfectly legit
word, look it up if you have no life. And if you do know
what it means, then, well, go feel special and touch
yourself, you're the 10%. But if I call you a jerkmuffin,
or whore-faget, though not grammatically correct, you get
the idea.

And what's with that stupid Microsoft Word,
underlining half of this text with it's (including that
it's) little squiggly red line. Back off you piece of Micro-

So when I call you a, "boogerific craptist who's
dirtyister than alls" (now Dan just asked if I meant to use
alls..of course I did you bitch, this whole article is
about using words like that) us, just punch me in the face
rather than commenting on my bad grammar. Now I'm going to
go yell at Dan more and make pointless comments.

Oh, and "Vaginasaurusrex" is an acceptable word too.

"I know I'm insane, I just don't know what doctor to see
about it."


About my spelling

Who cares if it's wrong, you get the point. If you
disagree with me on anything I say, just laugh and say ha,
that studip idiot mispelled stupid. It will make you feel
good, and make it easier for you to ignore what I say...
on that note. ...I'm gonna post an article I wrote awhile
ago on dans web page...brb.


F@#$ the system.

F#$% the system, "the system ain't no good"

Ya, so, the students of Tuland want something, the
university makes sure they don't get it.
The other day, 1,000 student petetion, and lots of students
go to meeting to vote for RTA bus pass...great idea...oh
ya, it's turned down. Of chorse, it would make my life and
everyone else's life on campus so much better, lets not do
And lets not ask the students, who are payg some $30,000+ a
year to go here. And why is that again?
From the architecture building...
We're one of the top 10 architecture schools in the
nation..yet we have no money, bad computer labs, no student
supplies, (though new descent studios in which TSA had to
raise half the money, and Tulane would give them the other
1.5 million, which doesn't even get the building up to
code) Yet the spend major moola on the buisness school,
which in comparison around the nation sucks ass. ya, I
understand that the B-school graduates donate alot of
money, but come on, not all the money. And do they really
donate enough to justify tearing down historic buildings
like the observitory (which by the way, they were supposed
to preserve the dome of but didn't, cause that would slow
down wrecking) Ya, and that was the week the A-School had
some famos architects from world wide visiting us (all
student organized of chorse), very imbarassing for the
Then the provost...ya great guy, I wanna make my name, so
I'm gonna deny the A-School and Art school from working
together (which they want to do) to help both programs.
Cause no, it's a big decission, I'll make it what I want,
and to make sure that's clear, I'll make it what everyone
else doesn't want. And while I'm at it, I'll close the
vilages, which was one of the few campus programs that
worked (and quit your bitching about them getting the
better dorms, they earn it for getting their rear ends
involved in something other than sex and drugs)
I hate the system, I hate those in it.
And not just the school, all those in the world too. I
just had to pay 200 bucks to AT$T for their mistakes, ya, I
have that kinda money around, I don't have those three jobs
to eat, they are for my whore money, I can give up a bitch
and just sleep with one tonight (by the way...according to
a quiz, I'm Lawrence from Office Space, and would do two
girls if I had a million dollars, and Zidler from
Moulin..Moulon..Mouilon..dannit, Moulin Rouge, cause I'm
the friggin MAN!, though I can't spell.
Ne ways...back to the man...speaking of which.
So lets take Bush, and Gore, and Osama....all idiots, all
doing stupid stuff.
The whole world is based off stupid people trying to
counteract other stupid people. WWI, all about pride.
WWII all about hate. What will WWIII be, all about others
hating our pride?
We are not the greatest country in the world
We are not the freest contry in the world
We are a great country, and I love America, and Don't want
to live in any other (untill I take over the world...I'll
live in whatever country that is, or state...probably the
state of insanity) But seriously, we are just a country
trying to do our best at what is right, so are other
countries out there.
It's like religious intolerance. I'm christian (America)
so lets kill Jews (wherever, China)
It's all pitting your beliefs against someone elses.
Ultimatly that's what life comes down to.
Everything is a war, you pick your side and kill to keep it
sound, or else your not a good little American, or Muslum,
or student, or Faget.
Let go of the battle.
Just do what's right.
Not what you think is right.
Just do the right thing.
Don't know what the right thing is? Well, step back for a
second and figure it out. Ask someone else, don't just
pick a side to pick it.
Don't pick a side at all.
Most problems come from asses like Osama and Bush who just
pick their side and fight for it.
Any mass is studip. Only an individual has any
intellegence, and only when not standing for something.
Get in an argument with a really good friend who you think
is really really smart, and who you respect. Find
something you disagree on and find out how stupid you soon
become, to each other and in reality. Remember, when your
sitting there thinking he's an idiot, he's sitting there
thinking the same.
And yes he, I use the word he, instead of they, cause I'm
not politically correct, ask me to be and I'll become a
stupid male pig who picks a side and bitch slaps you till
you see it.
F#$% the system.
F5^& those who follow it
F@#$ those who break from it
F@#$ those who love it
F#$% those who hate it.
F@#$ those who love puppies more than people
F#$% that person who cries at the movies cause that cute
dog died in the scence were over 20,000 people die, cause
that dog was just so cute.

Fuck it all
Fuck you all
and yay for the simpsons, but Fuck them too.




Bjorn...I don't know what that was.

But hey, I gotta dollar, I gotta dollar, I gotta dollar hey
hey hey hey

Actually, I don't. So feel free to give me a dollar so I
can eat and not die from not eating.

Man it's cold in here, I should turn off the fan.

Uh oh, Bjorn is here.


so yeah

alright got this link off of a friend's im

so i thought i would put its results for Jeff and I...enjoy
bjorn is best" by zelda
bjorn is aa vikingbjorn is cool
bjorn is also wanted in santa cruz county on five counts of child molestation
bjorn is charged with molesting three young girls in santa cruz county and two in los gatos
bjorn is best
bjorn is the best carrier by nolae
bjorn is worth every penny
bjorn is like the wayne gretzkey of hockey
bjorn is a legend but josh rips too you
bjorn is aware of the determination and hard work that goes into winning championship titles across all disciplines and his path to
bjorn is always pushing himself and his equipment that little bit further
bjorn is een figuur die er geen gras over laat groeien
bjorn is a composer to be watched
bjorn is a marvelous composer and musician
bjorn is my hero
bjorn is still working for team 17
bjorn is a threebjorn is a true artist and so very talented
bjorn is a master
bjorn is 27" tall
bjorn is far more comfortable on your back
bjorn is the ultimate carrier
bjorn is seeking a second bmw crown after winning in munich in 2000
bjorn isn't the oddborne featured on tuesday's programbjorn is expected to confirm his withdrawal from the $5 million event
bjorn is als 17 jarige begonnen als knecht bij geert fokkens te beilen
bjorn is currently in veterinary school at the university of pennsylvania
bjorn is a two story log cabinbjorn is no 1
bjorn is dun lookin' silregnbjorn is a statistician
bjorn is chasing the record see http
bjorn is easy to follow though his moves are pretty advanced
bjorn is the founder of www
bjorn is going for speed
bjorn is never quite sure because he has such trouble keeping track of the mundane concepts of space and time
bjorn is on his way to the top 2001
bjorn is currently the captain of monistary
bjorn is determined to improve his standing on the world and
bjorn is half norwegian and spent 8 years near the arctic circle in norway
bjorn is the inventor of the hilbert engine tm and its associated technology
bjorn is offering all of his idc candidates withbjorn is that not only in the sense of skill but probably size too
bjorn is a super doubles player
bjorn is a great person to work with
bjorn is equally skilled interpersonally
bjorn is a very common name in all the scandinavian countries and incidentally means the animal bear
bjorn is a psychiatrist working in stockholm
bjorn is no prima donna directorbjorn is also one of java's biggest supporters when it comes to wireless development
bjorn is 22
bjorn is originally from safford
bjorn is nearing the end of his career and since his young apprentice
bjorn is distractedbjorn is a great gift and well worth the money
bjorn is definitely worth the money
bjorn is a 2000 graduate of polkemsskelan school in gavle
bjorn is now a real chase
bjorn is exciting and bombastic enough to capture the listener's attention with
bjorn is just one stroke off the lead in fourth while germany's bernhard langer lies in fifth at 11 underbjorn is lurking dangerously in second and has had two very good rounds
bjorn is a student and loves to study dinosaurs
bjorn is definitely a winnerbjorn is a composer of sci
bjorn is a graduate student in the master of theological studies program at harvard divinity school
bjorn is a great director
bjorn is very approachablebjorn is na lang wachten nu eindelijk bij ons in huis komen wonen
bjorn is a professor of sociology at the university of michigan dearborn and has authored several articles and publications in the field of jazz
bjorn is now 46 years old and left the master tennis circuit last year
bjorn is connected to the following things
bjorn is very sporty
bjorn is
bjorn is a fellow diver/photographer and tells an amusing story about how expensive his first underwater picture was
bjorn is saying because the characters are all based on his face and his body
bjorn is the god of battle and is worshipped by soldiers and mercenaries
bjorn is the ultimate frontpack
bjorn is his humility
bjorn is set to use next week's lancome trophy here for his final
bjorn is currently working on his third cd and doing remixes for various artists
bjorn is a norwegian composer of prog
bjorn is nu 11 jaar en gaat na de vakantie naar groep 8 hij vind dit best wel spannend
bjorn is on a mission to push the sport into the future
bjorn is an extremely good
bjorn is the 87

for Jeff

jeff is optimal for
jeff is your nurse
jeff is 2xtreme*~
jeff is the business manager for motorola computer group’s
jeff is here to pump you up
jeff is here
jeff is student of the year
jeff is
jeff is an award winning humorous speaker
jeff is back
jeff is born
jeff is making my life easier
jeff is a
jeff is playing & leave him a message
jeff is a god
jeff is playing currently
jeff is lost
jeff is crazy
jeff is bad
jeff is seriously bummed
jeff is beautiful
jeff is a fag
jeff is the drummer
jeff is the man
jeff is always ready for picturesjeff is playing?
jeff is undeterred
jeff is the innocent one that is graceful in both
jeff is married
jeff is 50
jeff is a hs god
jeff is optimal for processors" "our hardware java processor is optimized to support jeff
jeff is a file format specification which allows storing
jeff is so sweet
jeff is all that by bigchuck july 21
jeff is student of the year a carlisle man has been voted student of the year by his college
jeff is the sexiest man
jeff is oh shit
jeff is working it
jeff is bringing down the house
jeff is in a movie
jeff is neat
jeff is god
jeff is lost by
jeff is the best character
jeff is so fine and so mine posted by danyelle mycroft on november 15
jeff is bad created by bryan
jeff is developing a series of books that explore the natural history of endangered species and the threatened ecosystems they inhabit
jeff is a thirty
jeff is recognized as the father of what is commonly referred to as "the modern techniques of shooting
jeff is a speaker
jeff is from california
jeff is moving
jeff is da man
jeff is the man*
jeff is an active republican serving as the woodbridge district chairman for the prince william county republican committee
jeff is an eight
jeff is a cheater and is gay
jeff is the greatest
jeff is featuring at this time
jeff is known for his creativity having worked on the development of a major cad system and one of the first pc based point of purchase systems
jeff is victim of someone's big mouth
jeff is the core release manager for the tcl language
jeff is currently doing phd research in the field of contemporary somatic psychotherapy at latrobe university
jeff is a very skilled craftsman and rod builder
jeff is like at 09
jeff is available for select speaking engagements
jeff is hot
jeff is undeterred darrall cutting 27/05/2002
jeff is my significant other
jeff is currently on a seven month international tour basing himself in the usa
jeff is editor at large for guns & ammo magazine
jeff is a contributing editor for the instrumentalist
jeff is a graduate of hinkely high school and later a graduate of the colorado institute of art with a music/video business degree
jeff is a road enthusiast
jeff is also a staple on shows such as "the tonight show
jeff is ready to perform at your venue
jeff is versatile
jeff is the exclusive relocation broker for cendant mobility services
jeff is the innocent one that is graceful in both his moves and his writing
jeff is weak against fire
jeff is a member of the eastman jazz trio with harold danko and rich thompson
jeff is a graduate of university of kentucky college of law where he served on the staff of the kentucky law journal and was order of the coif

Editor's Note: Alcohol and boredom resulted in this extremely dumb and pointless post. Please jsut deal and read another one.