F@#$ the system.

F#$% the system, "the system ain't no good"

Ya, so, the students of Tuland want something, the
university makes sure they don't get it.
The other day, 1,000 student petetion, and lots of students
go to meeting to vote for RTA bus pass...great idea...oh
ya, it's turned down. Of chorse, it would make my life and
everyone else's life on campus so much better, lets not do
And lets not ask the students, who are payg some $30,000+ a
year to go here. And why is that again?
From the architecture building...
We're one of the top 10 architecture schools in the
nation..yet we have no money, bad computer labs, no student
supplies, (though new descent studios in which TSA had to
raise half the money, and Tulane would give them the other
1.5 million, which doesn't even get the building up to
code) Yet the spend major moola on the buisness school,
which in comparison around the nation sucks ass. ya, I
understand that the B-school graduates donate alot of
money, but come on, not all the money. And do they really
donate enough to justify tearing down historic buildings
like the observitory (which by the way, they were supposed
to preserve the dome of but didn't, cause that would slow
down wrecking) Ya, and that was the week the A-School had
some famos architects from world wide visiting us (all
student organized of chorse), very imbarassing for the
Then the provost...ya great guy, I wanna make my name, so
I'm gonna deny the A-School and Art school from working
together (which they want to do) to help both programs.
Cause no, it's a big decission, I'll make it what I want,
and to make sure that's clear, I'll make it what everyone
else doesn't want. And while I'm at it, I'll close the
vilages, which was one of the few campus programs that
worked (and quit your bitching about them getting the
better dorms, they earn it for getting their rear ends
involved in something other than sex and drugs)
I hate the system, I hate those in it.
And not just the school, all those in the world too. I
just had to pay 200 bucks to AT$T for their mistakes, ya, I
have that kinda money around, I don't have those three jobs
to eat, they are for my whore money, I can give up a bitch
and just sleep with one tonight (by the way...according to
a quiz, I'm Lawrence from Office Space, and would do two
girls if I had a million dollars, and Zidler from
Moulin..Moulon..Mouilon..dannit, Moulin Rouge, cause I'm
the friggin MAN!, though I can't spell.
Ne ways...back to the man...speaking of which.
So lets take Bush, and Gore, and Osama....all idiots, all
doing stupid stuff.
The whole world is based off stupid people trying to
counteract other stupid people. WWI, all about pride.
WWII all about hate. What will WWIII be, all about others
hating our pride?
We are not the greatest country in the world
We are not the freest contry in the world
We are a great country, and I love America, and Don't want
to live in any other (untill I take over the world...I'll
live in whatever country that is, or state...probably the
state of insanity) But seriously, we are just a country
trying to do our best at what is right, so are other
countries out there.
It's like religious intolerance. I'm christian (America)
so lets kill Jews (wherever, China)
It's all pitting your beliefs against someone elses.
Ultimatly that's what life comes down to.
Everything is a war, you pick your side and kill to keep it
sound, or else your not a good little American, or Muslum,
or student, or Faget.
Let go of the battle.
Just do what's right.
Not what you think is right.
Just do the right thing.
Don't know what the right thing is? Well, step back for a
second and figure it out. Ask someone else, don't just
pick a side to pick it.
Don't pick a side at all.
Most problems come from asses like Osama and Bush who just
pick their side and fight for it.
Any mass is studip. Only an individual has any
intellegence, and only when not standing for something.
Get in an argument with a really good friend who you think
is really really smart, and who you respect. Find
something you disagree on and find out how stupid you soon
become, to each other and in reality. Remember, when your
sitting there thinking he's an idiot, he's sitting there
thinking the same.
And yes he, I use the word he, instead of they, cause I'm
not politically correct, ask me to be and I'll become a
stupid male pig who picks a side and bitch slaps you till
you see it.
F#$% the system.
F5^& those who follow it
F@#$ those who break from it
F@#$ those who love it
F#$% those who hate it.
F@#$ those who love puppies more than people
F#$% that person who cries at the movies cause that cute
dog died in the scence were over 20,000 people die, cause
that dog was just so cute.

Fuck it all
Fuck you all
and yay for the simpsons, but Fuck them too.


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