I wrote this a long time ago...last year...enjoy

JEFF: "That's the awesomist shirt."

DAN: "Is awesomist even a word?"

JEFF: "Did I just say it..did I..did I?"

DAN: ...(That means he's just staring at me.)

JEFF: "If I did, which I did, then it's a word."

Dan's a whore, who bitches on his website about all
that's wrong with the world, and now I'm going to bitch at
him, and all those like him, who like to correct my grammar.

If I say a word like "awesomist," there is bound to
be some person trying to impress themselves by asking a
stupid question, like: "Is that a real word?" If it wasn't
real, how could I possibly say it? Just as bad
is: "Shouldn't that be most awesome?" What are you, the
grammar police, trying to keep me from embarrassing myself?
You obviously understood me, so why waste my time arguing
about weather (or why I use that weather rather than this
whether (Dan complained about this)) it should
be "awesomist" or "more awesome"? As a side note, things
like ugly, uglier, and ugliest all come from Germanic
origins, and according to the Germans, I should be able to
say fun phrases like ugliester without any regrets. But we
changed things because we like it better being "more ugly
than thou" rather than ugliesterester. The whole point of
language and speaking is to communicate. Is there some
magical little grammar power that confuses us when someone
uses "my" instead of "me," which prevents us from
understanding what we're all saying. Or perhaps it's a
catholic priest who's behind it all. Those dirty Catholics
are what's wrong with the world today. But back to the

If I say something to you like, "You're a
flibbertigibbet!"..90% of the English speaking world isn't
going to understand that, although it's a perfectly legit
word, look it up if you have no life. And if you do know
what it means, then, well, go feel special and touch
yourself, you're the 10%. But if I call you a jerkmuffin,
or whore-faget, though not grammatically correct, you get
the idea.

And what's with that stupid Microsoft Word,
underlining half of this text with it's (including that
it's) little squiggly red line. Back off you piece of Micro-

So when I call you a, "boogerific craptist who's
dirtyister than alls" (now Dan just asked if I meant to use
alls..of course I did you bitch, this whole article is
about using words like that) us, just punch me in the face
rather than commenting on my bad grammar. Now I'm going to
go yell at Dan more and make pointless comments.

Oh, and "Vaginasaurusrex" is an acceptable word too.

"I know I'm insane, I just don't know what doctor to see
about it."


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