A to Z of Music I Love: K is for Kravitz

Again another hard letter. I don't like his most recent song but this song kicks ass and so do the first 3 or 4 albums.

enjoy some Lenny Kravitz

A to Z of Music I Love: J is for Janis Joplin

There is no arguement here. Best female pop/rock singer of all time. Sorry Aertha but this woman out did you every step of the way.

Get it while you can...

A to Z of Music I Love: I is for Iron & Wine

ok simply said, i like the lyrics and i like the group. though I don't own many I bands so it kind of defaults to this group.

A to Z of Music I Love: H is for Hendrix

I could put The Hold Steady or PJ Harvey here but really are they better than THE GREATEST GUITARIST EVER? I mean really?

Let the music speak here:

or this:

or this:

see best ever


A to Z of Music I Love: G is for Gorillaz

I love the music is all over the place. I love the tunes and mix of world, pop, hip hop, and funk in the music. The future is coming on...

A to Z of Music I Love: F is for Fleet Foxes

I could have chosen Fever Ray but in post 2 of 3 for today I am going with one of my new favorites.


Another good one: White Winter Hymnal

A to Z of Music I Love: E is for The Eels

Some letters are easier than others. E is the Eels. I love music, the lyrics and the stories. So enjoy two of my favorite videos they made. Also check out the songs "Going Fetal" and "Flyswatter"

Last Stop This Town

Novocaine For The Soul


A to Z of Music I Love: D is for The Decemberists

This letter was easier to choose. While I like The Doors they aren't the top of the pile here. One of the weirdest bands I know is, The Decemberists. I love the pop mixed with sea shanties and topped off with just the right amount of references to culture and literature. They are pretty brilliant in my opinion.

It was tough to pick one song but I picked the first one I heard and lead me down the path of owning everything they have made. It is a great antiwar protest song while still being smart and cleaver.

Bonus post: Another good song

Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky

This is pretty much what my dreams are like.


crazy queen?

How awesome is this photo?

A to Z of Music I Love: C is for Clash & Case

Another double post. Some letters are harder than others.

First is Neko Case, my newest favorite artist. She is amazing live and amazing on album. Just enjoy.

Second is The Clash. One of the all time great bands. Most melodic punk bands ever and some of the best messages in there songs.


A to Z of Music I Love: B is for Bjork & Bowie

This is one of the hardest posts I think I'll have to do. I fell in love with Bjork because of her name. I saw it and it was like mine so i said I must here.  I heard this song when it came out and I was hooked. I still have a love hate relationship with her because it was so weird and often off putting. Hers is an awesome video.

I think I forced myself to like David Bowie. I heard songs on the radio and liked them but it took years for me to figure out he's a chameleon and changes styles often. So many great albums but I will take one that means something to me. I get it and I feel it.

I love these songs and the last one brings two things i love into one.

Bowie & Reznor


A to Z of Music I Love: A is for Atmosphere

I am sort of stealing from Walt and Nessa but hey why not? I've had the urge to write more lately why not slack off and do this.

Atmosphere is my favorite hip-hop group. I find slug amazing and the lyrics often great. I saw him live and it was amazing. I love all his albums and his sad clown series of rough cuts and live tracks.

So here is the video of a good song.

Best films of 2010

I totally forgot to post this but I just saw #1 two weeks ago.

1.              The Hurt Locker
2.              Ingolourius Basterds
3.              Up
4.              Avatar
5.              Fantastic Mr. Fox
6.              Waltz With Bashir
7.              Crazy Heart
8.              The Hangover
9.              Precious
10.          An Education
11.          Coraline
12.          (500) Days of Summer
13.          The Wrestler
14.          Where The Wild Things Are
15.          District 9
16.          Star Trek
17.          Me and Orson Wells
18.          Bright Star
19.          A Serious Man
20.     Capitalism: A Love Story


Her music does already


Oscar Picks part 2

Here are the harder categories to pick. I am making guesses here but go for it. what are your thoughts?

Best Documentary Feature
The Cove (but Food Inc might win)

Best Documentary Short
China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province (cause children are probably in it)

Best Live Action Short
best guess = Kavi

Best Animated Short

Best Original Score
Up – Michael Giacchino (but Fantastic Mr. Fox – Alexandre Desplat is excellent)

Best Original Song
too many randy newman songs
"The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)" from Crazy Heart – Ryan Bingham and T-Bone Burnett
This is the best song of the lot and great on its own.

Best Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixing
The Hurt Locker (or maybe Inglourious Basterds)

Best Art Direction
Avatar (cheering for The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus)

Best Cinematography
Avatar (though cheering for Inglourious Basterds or White Ribbon)

Best Makeup
Star Trek

Best Costume Design
The Young Victoria

Best Film Editing

Best Visual Effects


Oscar Picks part 1

I will pick the other categories soon but they are harder. Here are the majors categories.
The easy categories first:

Should win: The Hurt Locker

Could Win: Avatar (it made a shit ton of money) or The Blind Side (for god knows what reason other than $$$)

Should Win: Kathryn Bigelow - She made the best picture and it was excellent

Could Win: James Cameron - seriously look at all that money...

Will/Should Win: Jeff Bridges, though Colin Firth was great, Bridges gives an another amazing performance that raises the film above a standard picture.

I hate this but safest bet is SANDRA fucking BULLOCK not because she's good or the film is good just cause it made money and to appease the fact she brought in a ton of money.

Want/Should win: Meryl Streep gives a great performance.

Dark hourse/Dream: Carry Mulligan or Gabby Siboude give fantastic performances and should be recognized.

No question here: M'Onique

Should Win: Christoph Waltz gives the best preformance

Could win: Christopher Plummer or Stanley Tucci for lifetimes of great work

Should win: Hurt Locker

Could win: Inglorious Basterds

Will: Up In The Air (doesn't deserve it)

I want: An Education
Will: UP

Toss up: White Ribbon or Un Prophete

more to come later