Cheese is soooo good.But crackers are good too, I love crackers.cheese on crackers.....paridise.



Why aren't butts detachable. Girls are always saying they
hate their rears, but most of the girls that say that...I
would love to have that thing around to grab or look at.
Most of the girls that say that, have very very lovely ones.
If only it were detachable, they would be willing to give
it too me.
Then I would have a whole lotta ass.
I would have to buy lots of leather to go with them though,
and that would be kinda expensive.




Ok people. Looks like we need clarification.
The thing about this page it.
For the most part

I don't actually support things like one night stands,
killing women, or burning texas...well...maybe burning
texas. But hey, lets just remember that it's all in good
fun. K


One Nighters

Instans messanger is ruining one night stands.

So, you meet a girl, have a little fun.
At the end of it all, you don't give your phone number,
cause you really don't feel like talking to them again,
but, so you don't feel like a total jerk, the exchange of
SN's come.
Now who can resist ever adding a SN to their list if they
have it. No one can, it's not possible. The more people
are on your list, the better a person you are, and that's a
So..you add the name, and then, who can resist reading
their away messages and profile. You can't.
So then, you can't just forget about them, cause you always
know where there are, if their around, and what their
favorite quote of the week is.
You must then oneday IM then when your bored and "playful"

It's easy to resist calling
But who can resist IM.



the world

remember animaniacs? dude that show ruled. how i miss good shows.

oh well off to take over the world



We all live in a yellow submarine.




Ever had one of those moments where things seemed good?
Only to find out you can tell shit from shinola?

yeah so waht is shinola? why aren't there more godo bands out there right now?

o on a scale of one to 100 i rate your mom a 10..she's a slut like your sister...that quote was so funny today.

anyways i had nothign important or cool to say. Just thought i would drop a line and see how things are ya know?

Biscuit a Quick
one bad ass mutha fucka




Life is all about who you know

So are you the type of person that needs to make
connections, or are you the type of person people want to

I think i'm the type that people are afraid of,

Okay, we've had some really great responses, so here are a bunch, just for the hey. You people who complain your feed back isn't posted...here you go.
Now, more of ya'll send us messages, and will pick the best and post them (these aren't the best, they are just all of them)


-----"Oooh...you lie. Cuz I am the shiznat, therefore, I'm the coolest. LOL"

-----"I think it can work. I asked your mom. Then again she says yes to everyone... no wait, thats tylers mom. Nevermind.-Mystery Man(hint: begins with A and is jewish :-D)"

----ummmm cool cool "perdy" ?? are you like one of those people from texas that speak with that accent? lol nmb -Gina

----bjorn thinks you're nothing but a sex object

----Bjorn- you are fucking -CRAZY- were you on something when you wrote this cause it is so funny (and so true) Though i don't think Connecticut is a shitty state cause i live there, but there are states that are better.- Ali

----Hey! I'm from Texas!BUT ALABAMA RULES & i'm drunkg

----women aren't that bad, i bring logan beers all the time, let him have the remote & want to get it on 24/7 (it helps when you have a SUPERHOT boyfriend from bama) besides, isn't it good that women suck? ;-)ps. yeah, speaking from 18 years of living there, texas sucks...pps. i programed a master budget into my calc for accounting, but why did i name it "masterbate"?

----if you ever want to see ROA (Rules of Attraction, not return on assets, damn finance majors & their screwy wys of thinking)again, gimme a HOLLA!!!patrick bateman & his brother are hot as hellbut not hotter than logan and his sexy southern alabama self...----You guys, y'all are the weirdest kids I know but I love ya for it. The Pot----you know what's really cool? driving around in a chevy blazer blasting Mahler and Beethoven. Everytime Logan does that it completely turns me on. cuz we call know piansts like Logan are incredibly hot.~TEMS ho----you guys are crazy!!!-Shea

----Fuck PETA, join with me to start PET-P! People for the ethical treatment of people. or pickle, when she doesn't shit in your car's driver seat.

----"its like driving around in a honda with a sound system blaring country...who the fuck does that"hey. fuck you.

----I love you for who you areI want you so bad I scream when I think of youPlease for the love of all things holy take me out of my misery and fuck me like there is no tomorrowOH GOD PLEASEOH GODOH GOD

----Women are selfish evil bitches. It's that simple. Women hate other women. Therefore, we use men as pawns to get back at each other. We try to find more men, hotter men, richer men than what our friends have. Men are like cars to women. Men drive fast cars to prove their manliness; women drive hot men to prove their female power. The key is to find a woman that has already won the game and has nothing left to prove, or to find a girl that has hardly any female friends (hence no need to compete). ~The losingest Female Combatant this side of Taiwan

----teach me how to molest inanimate objects~TEMS ho

----Re: Valentine's Pole I think it's great to ask a chick out on a first date on Valentine's Day. Especially when they're hot and anonymous.

----Word to your mother. Do I have to bring friends too?

----never stop looking--she's out there. Just like there is the right guy out there for me--just takes patience and time (yeeep sucks ass but...gotta wait)



In minneapolis they have the best jingle for pizza

it stuck in my head for life. i mean realyl suck. When i am there i know to "call 488-8888 for the very best pizza you ever ate"

see stuck for life
On another note. I need to stop sending mixed singles to people. that's it. i'm an idiot with a stupid jingle in my head. Oh yeah damn jingle.

shit now i have another one"8to 8 at a regular rate. Thanks to lenny's"

damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it
oh well i suck. what ever. Rember kids self-deprication makes life easier. why like yourself when there isnt a reason to?



So...how is it that women can be so entirely evil?

I mean straight out, no feeling, just attack you type.

So so many can be like that, I think it's their little way
of making themselves feel better about situations, and in
control of their life.
By treating someone like crap, they feel like the empowered
Tulane girls are especially bad, it is unbelievable.
I keep meeting girls that seem worth time, but then they
turn their ugly colors.
I have never been treated as badly, by the worst of people
as I have been treated by women who are supposed to be my
friend, or other, or even care at all.
I really don't get it.
I guess most of them here are just bad people, and that's
what it comes down to.
But at least most of them think they are good people.
One more girl has just been added to the "I'm never going
to talk to you again" list.
It's a sad thing.




Saterday, Crewe de Veux
Us and friends.



why does the library have the most uncompfratble chairs in the world? why does modelling wood have to cost $53? why does my computer have to hate me? why do i have t oget up in the morning? why do some southerns sound ignant? why is everything for them one syllabal? why can't i spell?


lots more to come..oh yeah lots more




So...I was scaring Bjorn alot, and decided I was in a good
moode to update the diary. Then I realized, this isn't
reall a diary, and isn't meant to be.
But then, what is it meant to be
It can't be a prude whore (like Blythe now calls me, though
her names are nicer than the ones sarah has given me.)

It's entertainment for people
It makes people think we're crazy....so..brings the truth.
Warps people's mind through our own warpedness...
One day everyone will act like us.
The already imitate, or say your crazy, your so crazy, what
is wrong with you.
I want to say the word kill, but we won't kill those people
just yet.
We won't kill anyone, cause that is bad.
Killing is bad
This thing is either the greatest thing to hit man
kind...or will be it's eventual downfall.
As it evolves...we will have to chose a path soon...

The BJ Happy Hour will soon evolve to the next level.




You people who leave us messages....you are all crazy.
So...leave us more messages :-)



explain women?

i don't get women. I mean what do you ahve to do to find the good ones? Why aren't thing more obvious? you're supposed to meet that perfect someone and then slowly fall into love with them. but if love doesn't exist or women are ONLY concerned about $$$ then what? What about those who it doesn't matter to? Is having morals and the ability to stand for them such a bad thing?

WOMEN- explain things to me. Tell me what i'm missing. I have offically given up on trying. They aren't sttracted to me now they won't be later right? Is there soemthign seriously wrong with me?

if so let me know...

ps. leave a message and if its good i'll email you back.

Pick up

Women are crazy, and a pain.
I've met a few worth the time
but they are all out of town.
Guess after they meet me, they must just leave town ;-)
Cause who needs a perfect night twice.

Twix are for twice.

I am the lizard queen



Valentines Pole

Is it bad to ask a girl on a first date for Valentines
day? Some girls think it's a really bad idea, some think
it's good. What do YOU think?


oh, and the last one was J too, the movie reviewie

Bad Movie Night II

Well, we failed, the movie wasn't THAT bad. We went and saw "The Recruit." I highly predictable movie, not exactly great, but not bad either, worth two hours of my life.I was able to predict how the movie before I even entered the theatre. As it went along, they tried to be twisty and creative, but for big brains like mine, all was a little obvious.
But besides that, was cool.James Bond like characters, ummm....girls....ummm...not too much stupid unrealistic stuff.

And how come Jason knew so many girls at the theater.
I need more girls, even though they suck.

crap for $$

so i jsut bid and won a wod box thing for $25 made by blaise...i didn't even know that blaize could make htigns.

so anyways yeah i need beer, boos, and fun

i need to go to hoooters..except i need to go fro free

anyone want to give me free beer, boobs, or fun? how about broken/old ocmputers?
let me know



so life is retarded. Tulane is retarded and girls are retarded. See this girl i like..call her Flirty McFlirt, is the most difficult person to understand in the whole freakin universe. its like trying ti figure out how marlon brando ate the state of Delaware to look like h is now. One moment she's fliting and giggly the next she's all hmph. what the fuck i mean WHAT THE FUCK> where is Bill when i need to laugh at someone. oh if you are reading this bill SUCK IT TREBECK.

why is the state not on anymore. it was only the funniest sketch comedy show on tv. it was back when MTV was not so evil...ok diet coke of evil. anyways so bored here at work sitting in a room full of drawers full of slides of buildings and shit. dam nthis might be ther most boring but most kick ass job ever. dude i do nothing all day at work and love it. anyways i should probably think aobut doing some readings so i can write this crappy 3 research papers for thursday. i am so fucked

that's the theme for today. I AM FUCKED. alright on that note back to some Holst classical and jalapeno chips. damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

visit www.homestarrunner.com today..best website ever. I AM SO AWESOME.