Okay, we've had some really great responses, so here are a bunch, just for the hey. You people who complain your feed back isn't posted...here you go.
Now, more of ya'll send us messages, and will pick the best and post them (these aren't the best, they are just all of them)


-----"Oooh...you lie. Cuz I am the shiznat, therefore, I'm the coolest. LOL"

-----"I think it can work. I asked your mom. Then again she says yes to everyone... no wait, thats tylers mom. Nevermind.-Mystery Man(hint: begins with A and is jewish :-D)"

----ummmm cool cool "perdy" ?? are you like one of those people from texas that speak with that accent? lol nmb -Gina

----bjorn thinks you're nothing but a sex object

----Bjorn- you are fucking -CRAZY- were you on something when you wrote this cause it is so funny (and so true) Though i don't think Connecticut is a shitty state cause i live there, but there are states that are better.- Ali

----Hey! I'm from Texas!BUT ALABAMA RULES & i'm drunkg

----women aren't that bad, i bring logan beers all the time, let him have the remote & want to get it on 24/7 (it helps when you have a SUPERHOT boyfriend from bama) besides, isn't it good that women suck? ;-)ps. yeah, speaking from 18 years of living there, texas sucks...pps. i programed a master budget into my calc for accounting, but why did i name it "masterbate"?

----if you ever want to see ROA (Rules of Attraction, not return on assets, damn finance majors & their screwy wys of thinking)again, gimme a HOLLA!!!patrick bateman & his brother are hot as hellbut not hotter than logan and his sexy southern alabama self...----You guys, y'all are the weirdest kids I know but I love ya for it. The Pot----you know what's really cool? driving around in a chevy blazer blasting Mahler and Beethoven. Everytime Logan does that it completely turns me on. cuz we call know piansts like Logan are incredibly hot.~TEMS ho----you guys are crazy!!!-Shea

----Fuck PETA, join with me to start PET-P! People for the ethical treatment of people. or pickle, when she doesn't shit in your car's driver seat.

----"its like driving around in a honda with a sound system blaring country...who the fuck does that"hey. fuck you.

----I love you for who you areI want you so bad I scream when I think of youPlease for the love of all things holy take me out of my misery and fuck me like there is no tomorrowOH GOD PLEASEOH GODOH GOD

----Women are selfish evil bitches. It's that simple. Women hate other women. Therefore, we use men as pawns to get back at each other. We try to find more men, hotter men, richer men than what our friends have. Men are like cars to women. Men drive fast cars to prove their manliness; women drive hot men to prove their female power. The key is to find a woman that has already won the game and has nothing left to prove, or to find a girl that has hardly any female friends (hence no need to compete). ~The losingest Female Combatant this side of Taiwan

----teach me how to molest inanimate objects~TEMS ho

----Re: Valentine's Pole I think it's great to ask a chick out on a first date on Valentine's Day. Especially when they're hot and anonymous.

----Word to your mother. Do I have to bring friends too?

----never stop looking--she's out there. Just like there is the right guy out there for me--just takes patience and time (yeeep sucks ass but...gotta wait)

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