explain women?

i don't get women. I mean what do you ahve to do to find the good ones? Why aren't thing more obvious? you're supposed to meet that perfect someone and then slowly fall into love with them. but if love doesn't exist or women are ONLY concerned about $$$ then what? What about those who it doesn't matter to? Is having morals and the ability to stand for them such a bad thing?

WOMEN- explain things to me. Tell me what i'm missing. I have offically given up on trying. They aren't sttracted to me now they won't be later right? Is there soemthign seriously wrong with me?

if so let me know...

ps. leave a message and if its good i'll email you back.

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picasso said...

never stop looking--she's out there. Just like there is
the right guy out there for me--just takes patience and
time (yeeep sucks ass but...gotta wait)