One Nighters

Instans messanger is ruining one night stands.

So, you meet a girl, have a little fun.
At the end of it all, you don't give your phone number,
cause you really don't feel like talking to them again,
but, so you don't feel like a total jerk, the exchange of
SN's come.
Now who can resist ever adding a SN to their list if they
have it. No one can, it's not possible. The more people
are on your list, the better a person you are, and that's a
So..you add the name, and then, who can resist reading
their away messages and profile. You can't.
So then, you can't just forget about them, cause you always
know where there are, if their around, and what their
favorite quote of the week is.
You must then oneday IM then when your bored and "playful"

It's easy to resist calling
But who can resist IM.


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