so life is retarded. Tulane is retarded and girls are retarded. See this girl i like..call her Flirty McFlirt, is the most difficult person to understand in the whole freakin universe. its like trying ti figure out how marlon brando ate the state of Delaware to look like h is now. One moment she's fliting and giggly the next she's all hmph. what the fuck i mean WHAT THE FUCK> where is Bill when i need to laugh at someone. oh if you are reading this bill SUCK IT TREBECK.

why is the state not on anymore. it was only the funniest sketch comedy show on tv. it was back when MTV was not so evil...ok diet coke of evil. anyways so bored here at work sitting in a room full of drawers full of slides of buildings and shit. dam nthis might be ther most boring but most kick ass job ever. dude i do nothing all day at work and love it. anyways i should probably think aobut doing some readings so i can write this crappy 3 research papers for thursday. i am so fucked

that's the theme for today. I AM FUCKED. alright on that note back to some Holst classical and jalapeno chips. damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

visit www.homestarrunner.com today..best website ever. I AM SO AWESOME.

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