When is it time to give up on someone?



Top 10 Movies

Trying to think of my top 15 favorite movies.
They are in no particular order.

Murder By Death - I'm sure you haven't seen it, but it's
great. Use your G&#D@%$ prepositions!!

Fallen - A little slow, but as good as they get.

Death Becomes Her - How all woman should be...dead.

Office Space - The O face, and the stapler, no more needs
to be said.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - The sled scene is
enough, but to add to it, that crazy redneck Quaid!

Total Recall - another Quaid, and that chick with three

Terminator 2 - My governer rocks!

Lord of the Rings series - Because it's like the book.

The 5th Element - that chick is hot.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton Rocks

Pulp Fiction - Yes, massaging feet is intamate!

Resevoir Dogs - Cause of the man who lives!

The City of Lost Children - I'm sure you haven't seen it,
but killing someone in front of their own eyes, and crazy
twins and brain in a jar...yippie.

That movie that's an indipentdent film about the 5 or so
different taxi drivers all over the world, dont' remember
what it's called, but it's cool.

Monty Python - All of um

This is at least some of my favorites, that I can think of
right now. Let me know if there are ones I'm forgetting or
must see



Ummm Reply

First of all, Bjorn, if you had the power...things wouldn't
be better, they would be much much more deadly and
New Orleans drivers are bad drivers because of pot holes.
They are too busy looking 2 feet in front of the car
looking for potholes, so they don't have the time to "scan
the road ahead" like a good little driver.
All attention is focused on road, not driving.
Ever read a warranty for a CD player with anti skip
protection. Ever notice that they say "void in New
Orleans" cause N.O. roads suck so bad, they know your car
and stereo and everything is bound to break.



Umm Yeah

so i still am working on the best movies of 2003...have one
more to see tonight before i make my list.

well will some one explain to me why there are so many bad
driver in new orleans? and so many stupid people? Really
what does it take to just pay attention to what you are
doing? i honestly cannot stand this dumb shits that exist
all over this place. The stupid Yat muthafuckas who think
they own the road when really their stupid SUVs take up two
lanes and i jsut want to hurt them all

i really hate the old people who can choose a lane or
bother to go faster than 20 mph. really what does it take
to get rid of their licenses?

if only i had the power. things would be so much better.

- B


Worst Movies of 2003

yes much like the rest of the world i am making a list. but
instead i am listing the worst movies..i have a list of the
best for another time but the worst are funnier. i tried
my best to be fair but its hard when well so many movies

so here is my bottome 12 films of the year

12. Cold Mountain - why the raves? because its the movie
you have to like. well translyvania looks nothing like
North Carolina and jude law does the worst sourthen
accent. The only highlight is Renee Zwellwigger (?) cause
well she rules everyone else is lame, the story is
unbelievable. oh natalie portman is still hot though even
with child...but DO NOT SEE THIS FILM...if it gets
nominated for an oscar i'll be upset

11. Identity - ok John cusack so much better than this.
oit was alet down and made little sense. those who wrote
this need to be hurt.

10. Mona Lisa Smile - this movie spelss its own doom. The
cast is hot and everyone should be good except Roberts who
sucks liek always. man she is just bad

9. The Hulk - what the hell is this? this was a bad movie
and who thought that Jennifer Connolly needed to redo the
same part she won an oscar for? i want to kick the people
for this movie

8. Camp - ok independent comedy about a theater camp. even
low expectations were too high. the singing good but it
was cheesy...just bad

7. The Order - dear heath ledger, what the fuck are you
thinking? the plot didn't seem to be there. they missed
soem scenes. too much cut nto enough script? it had
potential since it oculd make fun of catholics but nope.
this was bad.

6. Legally Blond 2 - one hot blond plus one good movie =
sequel. sequel sucks ass. enough said

5. Kangaroo Jack - wh othought this up? who was this
stoned? i didn't have to see this to say its bad. really
i can think up a better move totally wasted, why don't i
have a job?

4. Bad Boys 2 - first film sucks. martin lawrence sucks.
will msith is hit and miss but why make a sequel. this is
just a reckless excuse to blow shit up with out a plot.
thank god i saw it on dvd otherwise i would wnat my money
back...btw who actually saw this film?

3. The matrix films - these are the biggest let downs
ever..even more than the star wars episodes 1 and 2. there
was no plot, all the intellegence of the first one..got
erased. we al lsaw it and we all got pissed off. face
it. these two even make the first one look bad.

2. From Justin to Kelley - ok first american idol, i can
buy stupid ppl need entertianment and kelly clarkson can
sing. another film i don't have to see to see how bad it
was. this was a bad idea fro mthe first though why'd it
have to finish?

1. Gigli - we all knew it would be here. we were waiting
for it so here it is. i really mean this fil is so bad its
not worth renting. but weirdly enough i haven't seen more
than the 15 minutes when i snuck in before another fil mto
catch a glimpse of it...oh god did those 15 miuntes suck.
J.LO/J.HO you are over with. at least afflack made up for
it with Paycheck.

so that's it...Just Married, Maid In Manhatten, Hollywood
Homicide, National Security, and A Guy thing almost made
the lists but then i realized the list just gets too long.
so any suggestions or ideas and comments let me know. enjoy



Well, everyone generally agree's that flying sucks a nut
any more. All the security that is pointless. Them taking
your toe nail clippers cause you might use them to hi-jack
the plane. Supposed to show up 3 hours early (I never show
more than 30 mins early)
I can go on and on with all the problems. But I can stand
all of them but one.
How come I never get to sit next to any hot single girls?
There we are, waiting to get on the plane, you see the hot
girl across the way, waiting for the same plane, you check
each other out in the corner of your eyes.
They call you onto the plane, they call your seating
section at the same time...oh boy oh boy.
But then, you get on the plane, in a tiny little middle
seat, and smelly hiwaian guy gets the window, and big fat
hairy guy gets the aisle. Then hot single girl is about 5
rows in front of you, sitting next to old death guy, and
overly dressed drama queen mom.
So you get to sit in disconfort starting at the back of the
head of hot girl from 5 rows away.
If they jsut paired people up appropriatly, everyone would
stop complaining about flying, business would double.
Think about it.
Flight delayed, awesome, more time next to hot girl.
Long layover, awesome, lunch with hot girl.
Cramp spaces, awesome, pressed up against hot girl.
Going down in a spiraling, twisted meatal wreck, on fire
plumeting to earth, awesome, quicke with hot girl.