Top 10 Movies

Trying to think of my top 15 favorite movies.
They are in no particular order.

Murder By Death - I'm sure you haven't seen it, but it's
great. Use your G&#D@%$ prepositions!!

Fallen - A little slow, but as good as they get.

Death Becomes Her - How all woman should be...dead.

Office Space - The O face, and the stapler, no more needs
to be said.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - The sled scene is
enough, but to add to it, that crazy redneck Quaid!

Total Recall - another Quaid, and that chick with three

Terminator 2 - My governer rocks!

Lord of the Rings series - Because it's like the book.

The 5th Element - that chick is hot.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton Rocks

Pulp Fiction - Yes, massaging feet is intamate!

Resevoir Dogs - Cause of the man who lives!

The City of Lost Children - I'm sure you haven't seen it,
but killing someone in front of their own eyes, and crazy
twins and brain in a jar...yippie.

That movie that's an indipentdent film about the 5 or so
different taxi drivers all over the world, dont' remember
what it's called, but it's cool.

Monty Python - All of um

This is at least some of my favorites, that I can think of
right now. Let me know if there are ones I'm forgetting or
must see


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