Well, everyone generally agree's that flying sucks a nut
any more. All the security that is pointless. Them taking
your toe nail clippers cause you might use them to hi-jack
the plane. Supposed to show up 3 hours early (I never show
more than 30 mins early)
I can go on and on with all the problems. But I can stand
all of them but one.
How come I never get to sit next to any hot single girls?
There we are, waiting to get on the plane, you see the hot
girl across the way, waiting for the same plane, you check
each other out in the corner of your eyes.
They call you onto the plane, they call your seating
section at the same time...oh boy oh boy.
But then, you get on the plane, in a tiny little middle
seat, and smelly hiwaian guy gets the window, and big fat
hairy guy gets the aisle. Then hot single girl is about 5
rows in front of you, sitting next to old death guy, and
overly dressed drama queen mom.
So you get to sit in disconfort starting at the back of the
head of hot girl from 5 rows away.
If they jsut paired people up appropriatly, everyone would
stop complaining about flying, business would double.
Think about it.
Flight delayed, awesome, more time next to hot girl.
Long layover, awesome, lunch with hot girl.
Cramp spaces, awesome, pressed up against hot girl.
Going down in a spiraling, twisted meatal wreck, on fire
plumeting to earth, awesome, quicke with hot girl.


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