When i get back to normal and life gets going i will be funny again. right now still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina. Now living in Dallas...yes according to many its TEXASS but dallas is not bad.

so i am going to get back to finding a way of developing a new life here. ciao



i am just going to post things that people should read. I have an idea though. If the rooves of hosptials had solar cells or solar cells that could be placed on top after a storm would it help patients live longer? I ask this so if anyone who read this can answer.

Now some articles ya'll should read.





twice Mr. Bush has let this country down (not counting the war). What do we do now? How do we treat a man who doesn't care for the country who voted him in once. at least the second time he was elected. While he couldn't have prevented this like 9/11 he could have stepped up and been there from day one. He could have not been on vacation over a year of his term in office. While Clinton was slimy he cared for people. He tried to be supportive to those who needed it. GHW Bush didn't do enough for Andrew but then stepped up quickly to help. It breaks my heart and while this blog was supposed to be funny. There is nothing funny about citizens who die because of neglect by their leaders. Nagin and Blanco have done as much as the Feds will let them, the blame goes straight to FEMA and Homeland Security who Bush organized this whole set up. IT doesn't work. Homeland security has been a joke as all reports have shown this summer.

So the buck stops at you Mr. President. I know you want your so-called Christians to run things but they don''t live a Christian life (calling for the death of a leader of a nation?). So I say REGIME CHANGE. Where was the help? When that levee broke everyone watching knew things got worse. When the second and third breaks occured it when from worse to hell. Why didn't the government move faster at getting people out?

Mr. President in great Texan and Southern terms I call you out. Time to stand up to me and all those who stand with me asking simply, WHY?