3 day rule

I just met a girl this week-end...I'll call her today cause
it's been 3 days....
Take that you losers.
Uh-oh, I'm like PETA, resorted to name calling


so i thought i would write this to just say 'I am not angry' just irrated..but what's more important.

You know what's great...Cheese, yes it tastes great and can make anything better. think aobut it. how often does adding cheese to things make it better but what are leftovers for? adding cheese to and making it better

Also the following people are hot
Janet Jackson, ALicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Tiffany Amber Thieson, Gwenyth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman...ok that's it for now

also girls are better for drinking with than dating..that's too much work. but eveyone can drink



The Ring




Bjorn doesn't know what he's talking about.
Ya'll all know that, therefore:
3 day rule is bad, waiting for rings is the sign of a loser.

Don't we have enough rules to follow without making up
stupid ones to drive ourselves crazy over.


Jeff is dumb

ok so here is how the 3 day works..if used not by an idiot.

Meet girl, get number...now that you have it if you cal ltoo soon then you look desperate...for that see jeff's comments. see if you don't wait properly than you end with her. go to her place, get on a train end up in texas...GOD HATES TEXAS. (Jeff flosses his teeth with a string fro mhis shrit..how gross).

You all know that texas sucks and being awith a girl there means one thing..she's from there . no one wants to go to texas. so not using the tried and true 3 day rule is stupid. its like driving around in a honda with a sound system blaring country...who the fuck does that

Honestly sound systems are meant to blare rap, hip hop, techno/electronica, and good rock/hard rock. White Zombie should be played loud, Korn shouldn't, Britney and the boy bands shouldn't either...those ppl should be pulled over and shot. why doesn't the sniper come here and shoot ppl who listen to pop music at a level that is really unpleasent. see all this happens with not using the 3 day rule.

now waiting for the 2nd ring is a good thing. that way it is not a false call. "Rosa Parks" by Outkast is a great song. I mena why doesn't outakst put out a ton of great hip hop albums... i mean they are the best out there..unless the beasties decided to release an album ...but they are too buddist now....whatever

see more girls need to read this and know that i am great catch. HIPPIES SUCK ASS. I am the perfect person if you subtract my flaws. but whatever sublimanial messages are so much fun. we need more propaganda. Also who buys Oasis.. i mena really you have to be pretty fucked up and dumb to think that is good. i mean that shit is awful. worst band ever...they are followed by BUSH. The UK puts out great groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Travis, COldplay and many others but why do these two have to exist. OASIS SUCKS ASS AND ONLY MORONS BUY THEIR SHIT.

well i am off to further exploit migrant workers and jews...no wait that's jeff.I am going to watch south park and learn how to offend ppl properly.
- B


A comment on Bjorns last things. First, yay for him for 3
girls, he's getting a lot more booty than I am.
2nd....The three day rule, how stupid is that.
My last experience with that...as getting a hot french
girls number, she says, make sure you call...I look her up
and down and say, "oh ya, I will, but of chorse in a few
days, cause that's the rule." We never get ahold of each
other, play phone tag, I make a point to lose the number...

That really had nothing to do with the point I want to
make, maybe it does in Karma though.

The 3 day rule, or any such rule is stupid. Along with the
2 ring rule. If the phone rings, just pick it up, don't
wait for it to ring a few times so you don't seem like the
looser you are, sitting over the phone waiting for it to
ring. I pick up before the first ring ends, it's just
easier that way.
Ne ways...back to the three day rule. Why should you wait
that long to call if you like her. And why should you be
the one to call, why can't she. I actually give my number
more often then get. If a girl tries to give me her
number, I just give her mine, that way I don't have to
stress it, she can, and if she wants me she'll call, and
then I know. Then she can wait 3 days
Back to the three day rule. What if you just want some
booty, I don't want to wait three days for that. If you
are like me though, you may have a hard time using girls
just for booty. I really wish I wasn't like that. I just
wanna hook up and leave it at that. My prob is, if I think
a girl is cool enough to hook up with, I want more, I'm
greedy like that. Plus I don't have much oppertunity, the
people I meet all seem to float in the same circles, or are
all in architecture, so I see them all the time. Makes it
hard for a one night stand.
What was I talking about again, oh ya, the three day rule,
which does apply to food. If it's not growing mold, it's
still good.
But back to the point, the other three day rule. And why
is three days good, if you meed on the week-end, that
leaves you in the middle of the week. I have been going
out alot this week during the week...yes redundent...but ne
how. Going out in the week is pretty cool if it's with
your friends, but if it's romantic interests, doesn't give
you the chance for sleep overs because you've got school or
work the next day.
What was this thing about again....
oh ya, the 3 day rule is stupid, I'm sure I've proven that
in her somewhere.
Hippies suck, but I am one, ya baby ya


3 Women and a weird night

ok lets look at something
what happens when you are sorta seeing 3 women at one time.
well let's look at each girl

Girl 1 - at first she was cute, blond hair, green eyes, about 5'8 and not heavy. she's a sophomore and a little wierd but she was real cute. so i called her on the 3 day rule. so after the respectful time period of 3 days...always wait 3 days. I went to eat with her and found out she is DUMBER THAN SHIT. all she could talk about is her cat, random fashion magazines, and brittney spears...it sucked. so after tryign to just ignore her we had a conversation and i called her dumb...never do that while under the influence. but she was dumb. she needed to know that.

Girl 2 - I met here the day before Girl 1. She is a freakin' weirdo and i like that. one moment she's kind, quiet, and silly. the next she's loud hyper, and exciting. only after realizing that she really is a psycho that i had to stray away. her brown hair, brown eyes and 5'11 stature was beautiful her mental state left mroe to desire. so we split with out ever really hanging out except with mutual friends.

Girl 3 - she is hot. she is cute, smart, funny, witty, entertaing, off the wall, and overall too good for me. She is a 2nd year med student at Tulane. she is sweet and we met last spring. i couldn't do anything about it so i went to finland and met a cute british chick. when i get back some mutual friend had a party and we ran into each other. we end up seeing each other a couple of times. talking eating beignets and i really liked her but something was missing. something that prevented us from being really attracted. she was everything but something was missing...so we ended up going for a drive. having fun and now might do it again later this week. but nothing serious

after all this i realize 2 things
1. girls are trouble and i love it
2. girls need to ask me out now instead of me asking them.
night ya'll



Talking to a psycho is so much more interesting than
talking to a normal person.
You never know when they'll scream.


weed, babes, partying, and alcohol

B here...ok so Rules of Attraction rules. it is so tulane...ok it is basicly what life here at school acn be like at times. Mardi Gras is different though...much better.

alright i am swearing off girls. if a girls likes me and want s me to ask her out...forget it she has to ask me. that's right i want to be pursued and used...hmm that right?? sure. if you know she likes me send her here. to read this...no Jeff's stuff cause his psycho.

another good thing i life is music. alcohol is good too. "Beer the cause and solution to all life's problems."
see the title reflects the movie which reflects life here at tulane...
ok enough now off to see if need any of these...

Last thing

Movie Review 2

The Rules of Attraction:
Drop what your doing and see it right now.
Also, if you wanna know what Tulane it, watch it.
There is nothing more to say, but for you to go see it.


no title

J to the if eh, H to the Hammy o to the sir Issac Newton.



whoops, I forgot we had this site thing going. Guess I
should write something. I can agree with Bjorn that women
suck. They never know what they want, and if they do, they
won't admit it or do anything about it. They expect to be
the ones served. Though not all are like this.
Looking back on things...I think I might actually be insane.
But that could be good, cause then I wouldn't need to take
over the world like most people think I will. Cause I can
rule the world in my mind

I need more money, and more scuba diving.
Insert sexual joke here
I hate texass, it needs to be given back to mexico, or
And neither of those nouns are worth capitalizing.


Stream of THought

the following is just a stream of typed thoughts the length of one song. It begins now:

I just think women will never be honest with men. I am really amused by people who seem to think they are better than everyone else. what fucking rich fuck thought that up. just cause you have money or clothes or power doesn't make you better. and blow jobs why aren't they more widely disributed? i mena its not like it takes effort. also who makes up these really good ideas that we should make laws about things. who buys blue pepsi, who buys pepsi? why do people live in the following shitty states Texas, FLorida, Nevada, massachussets, (jeff stop pelvic thrusting) conneticut, texas, utah, mormons, jews, white people, blue, drunk

purple is a flavor so is green. green is the best flavor of poweraid. whow this song is good. jeff has sex for a dollar...ahe just said that. why aren't there more artsy films. what does it take to make a good story that isn't fucking sweet home alabama. what kind of stupid idiot watche sthat crap. it looks like something my cat killed and shat back out holy fuck.

jeff is a freak
the following people suck...(insert names here)
"i like chicken, i like liver, meow mix meow mix please deliver"

with out you everything falls apart
NIN - "The Perfect Drug"




IMPRESS PEOPLE HERE!!!. Oh, weight, no we're not.
Texass sucks.
Women also suck. But I love to hang out with hotties.
Wow, the word hotties...that's impressive....
hmmm...used all brain power on books stuff today.
What is today?
Hey, an IM, I'm gonna go read it.



ok sort and not sweet

Women suck. they are difficult, bitchy, and whineyoh yeah you say not all of them...then you are dumb. everyone contains pure evil. and through this they manipulate men..because they can't ask nicely. SOme see nice but...they aren't. they just want to get you into a postion to use you..in multiple formats

so women suck.
More on how they sucks later. this is the best on going theme besides how white are stupid crackers, jews are silly, and New Englanders are dumb. oh yeah rich ppl suck ass

Hippies suck ass too

- B


maybe this one will be better. we shall see.


This might single handidly be the best event ever created. Yesterday i went to Gretnafest and listen to "Bag Of Donuts" and had a great time. see what made it great was music and alcohol. I only had a few things to eat but i drank more...talk about a weight loss plan. the problem is that i wish i was in munich.


drinking all day might be the fun everyone needs in their life. just start at noon with 2 beers than keep a steady pace...but not getting plastered...for the next 10 hours. its fun...really fun if you don't eat anything but breakfast.

still what pisses me off the most is the radio sucks. there are no good rock bands now. they are all wussy and shitty. I mean linkin park is the backstreet boys of Heavy metal. the best acts out there have been doing it for awhile..but they only play the shit on the radio.

the following need to be destoryed:
Fuck the radio.
Sprint PCS sucks.
AOL sucks
the tuxedo sucks
Buying textbooks sucks
Women suck-they are retarded.
Texass sucks
Walmart sucks
there is more but i am too tired to think of anymore


Bad Movie Night 1

something tells me this is going to happen again.

so the movies are full of shitastic films. i mean things most people would think up as a good idea stoned, drunk, wasted, or all the above. i know 5 year olds who write better plots.

the worst one i have seen in awhile is The Tuxedo. Jackie chan let me down..then that is not a big suprise. He has skillz but not in this movie. the plot as jeff explains is well nonexistant. and that says better of the movie. i hate jennfier love hewitt. spewit.

this sucked. i know before i even saw the start of the film that it was bad by the abundance of bad previews. who decides to make these movies. of them i saw Shaolin Soccer...shittastic idea. The Hot Chick - starring the duece bigalow moron = sheer crap fest. look i can't even write real sentces because they are so bad. i feel like i am from Texas or LSU. i have a negitive iq becuase of this movie.

adam sandler is doing an animated piece of shit. God save us all. i am too pissed off to write any more.screw this
- B


I have a cool idea, we should paint the ceiling like the ground, then we should get skate boards and lie on them on are backs, we then push ourselves across the floor looking up and it would be like flying like superman, and what would be friggin cool.

The Tuxedo Review

First, I must note that I did not know you could buy alchohol at the movies. I found this out when Bjorn and Jason came in with frozen happy drinks. Which I could have used to get through this movie.I'm not really sure what happened. The plot...well...there wasn't one...and Jackie Chan didn't even kick the crap out of that many bade dudes.Jennifer Love Hewitt and acting to not mix. She doesn't even have big boobs to distract us with.I would score this as a 8 on the crapo scale.

And So It Begins...

So finally after weeks of talk and laziness this the first of the series of masterpieces begin. the following is the work of 2 really demented people. We are not going to use proper grammar for everything. We are not going to spell everything correctly. We might not be nice. We might be sort of bitter. Hell, we will be lude, offensive, thoughtful, crazy, and funny. Add annoying there too cause it might happen.

Some how you have decided to read this. BE warned. We are amusing but we are being honest in our thoughts. Pass this on to your friends. Let them share your misery and addiction of reading this. If you are our parents Stop Reading. We are trying to ruin society single handily and don't need to be told to behave.

so sit back. we write when we want. we say what we want. If we don't feel like writing we won't if we do we do.

first the following suck
women, women, women, women


On the way out the In door