Jeff is dumb

ok so here is how the 3 day works..if used not by an idiot.

Meet girl, get number...now that you have it if you cal ltoo soon then you look desperate...for that see jeff's comments. see if you don't wait properly than you end with her. go to her place, get on a train end up in texas...GOD HATES TEXAS. (Jeff flosses his teeth with a string fro mhis shrit..how gross).

You all know that texas sucks and being awith a girl there means one thing..she's from there . no one wants to go to texas. so not using the tried and true 3 day rule is stupid. its like driving around in a honda with a sound system blaring country...who the fuck does that

Honestly sound systems are meant to blare rap, hip hop, techno/electronica, and good rock/hard rock. White Zombie should be played loud, Korn shouldn't, Britney and the boy bands shouldn't either...those ppl should be pulled over and shot. why doesn't the sniper come here and shoot ppl who listen to pop music at a level that is really unpleasent. see all this happens with not using the 3 day rule.

now waiting for the 2nd ring is a good thing. that way it is not a false call. "Rosa Parks" by Outkast is a great song. I mena why doesn't outakst put out a ton of great hip hop albums... i mean they are the best out there..unless the beasties decided to release an album ...but they are too buddist now....whatever

see more girls need to read this and know that i am great catch. HIPPIES SUCK ASS. I am the perfect person if you subtract my flaws. but whatever sublimanial messages are so much fun. we need more propaganda. Also who buys Oasis.. i mena really you have to be pretty fucked up and dumb to think that is good. i mean that shit is awful. worst band ever...they are followed by BUSH. The UK puts out great groups like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Travis, COldplay and many others but why do these two have to exist. OASIS SUCKS ASS AND ONLY MORONS BUY THEIR SHIT.

well i am off to further exploit migrant workers and jews...no wait that's jeff.I am going to watch south park and learn how to offend ppl properly.
- B


not anne said...

you know what's really cool? driving around in a chevy
blazer blasting Mahler and Beethoven. Everytime Logan does
that it completely turns me on. cuz we call know piansts
like Logan are incredibly hot.

~TEMS ho

peaches said...

"its like driving around in a honda with a sound
system blaring country...who the fuck does that"

hey. fuck you.