3 Women and a weird night

ok lets look at something
what happens when you are sorta seeing 3 women at one time.
well let's look at each girl

Girl 1 - at first she was cute, blond hair, green eyes, about 5'8 and not heavy. she's a sophomore and a little wierd but she was real cute. so i called her on the 3 day rule. so after the respectful time period of 3 days...always wait 3 days. I went to eat with her and found out she is DUMBER THAN SHIT. all she could talk about is her cat, random fashion magazines, and brittney spears...it sucked. so after tryign to just ignore her we had a conversation and i called her dumb...never do that while under the influence. but she was dumb. she needed to know that.

Girl 2 - I met here the day before Girl 1. She is a freakin' weirdo and i like that. one moment she's kind, quiet, and silly. the next she's loud hyper, and exciting. only after realizing that she really is a psycho that i had to stray away. her brown hair, brown eyes and 5'11 stature was beautiful her mental state left mroe to desire. so we split with out ever really hanging out except with mutual friends.

Girl 3 - she is hot. she is cute, smart, funny, witty, entertaing, off the wall, and overall too good for me. She is a 2nd year med student at Tulane. she is sweet and we met last spring. i couldn't do anything about it so i went to finland and met a cute british chick. when i get back some mutual friend had a party and we ran into each other. we end up seeing each other a couple of times. talking eating beignets and i really liked her but something was missing. something that prevented us from being really attracted. she was everything but something was missing...so we ended up going for a drive. having fun and now might do it again later this week. but nothing serious

after all this i realize 2 things
1. girls are trouble and i love it
2. girls need to ask me out now instead of me asking them.
night ya'll

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The Pot said...

You guys, y'all are the weirdest kids I know but I love ya
for it.

The Pot