Bad Movie Night 1

something tells me this is going to happen again.

so the movies are full of shitastic films. i mean things most people would think up as a good idea stoned, drunk, wasted, or all the above. i know 5 year olds who write better plots.

the worst one i have seen in awhile is The Tuxedo. Jackie chan let me down..then that is not a big suprise. He has skillz but not in this movie. the plot as jeff explains is well nonexistant. and that says better of the movie. i hate jennfier love hewitt. spewit.

this sucked. i know before i even saw the start of the film that it was bad by the abundance of bad previews. who decides to make these movies. of them i saw Shaolin Soccer...shittastic idea. The Hot Chick - starring the duece bigalow moron = sheer crap fest. look i can't even write real sentces because they are so bad. i feel like i am from Texas or LSU. i have a negitive iq becuase of this movie.

adam sandler is doing an animated piece of shit. God save us all. i am too pissed off to write any more.screw this
- B

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