ok sort and not sweet

Women suck. they are difficult, bitchy, and whineyoh yeah you say not all of them...then you are dumb. everyone contains pure evil. and through this they manipulate men..because they can't ask nicely. SOme see nice but...they aren't. they just want to get you into a postion to use you..in multiple formats

so women suck.
More on how they sucks later. this is the best on going theme besides how white are stupid crackers, jews are silly, and New Englanders are dumb. oh yeah rich ppl suck ass

Hippies suck ass too

- B

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Ali said...

Bjorn- you are fucking -CRAZY- were you on something when
you wrote this cause it is so funny (and so true) Though i
don't think Connecticut is a shitty state cause i live
there, but there are states that are better.- Ali