Stream of THought

the following is just a stream of typed thoughts the length of one song. It begins now:

I just think women will never be honest with men. I am really amused by people who seem to think they are better than everyone else. what fucking rich fuck thought that up. just cause you have money or clothes or power doesn't make you better. and blow jobs why aren't they more widely disributed? i mena its not like it takes effort. also who makes up these really good ideas that we should make laws about things. who buys blue pepsi, who buys pepsi? why do people live in the following shitty states Texas, FLorida, Nevada, massachussets, (jeff stop pelvic thrusting) conneticut, texas, utah, mormons, jews, white people, blue, drunk

purple is a flavor so is green. green is the best flavor of poweraid. whow this song is good. jeff has sex for a dollar...ahe just said that. why aren't there more artsy films. what does it take to make a good story that isn't fucking sweet home alabama. what kind of stupid idiot watche sthat crap. it looks like something my cat killed and shat back out holy fuck.

jeff is a freak
the following people suck...(insert names here)
"i like chicken, i like liver, meow mix meow mix please deliver"

with out you everything falls apart
NIN - "The Perfect Drug"


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