weed, babes, partying, and alcohol

B here...ok so Rules of Attraction rules. it is so tulane...ok it is basicly what life here at school acn be like at times. Mardi Gras is different though...much better.

alright i am swearing off girls. if a girls likes me and want s me to ask her out...forget it she has to ask me. that's right i want to be pursued and used...hmm that right?? sure. if you know she likes me send her here. to read this...no Jeff's stuff cause his psycho.

another good thing i life is music. alcohol is good too. "Beer the cause and solution to all life's problems."
see the title reflects the movie which reflects life here at tulane...
ok enough now off to see if need any of these...

Last thing


Logan said...

women aren't that bad, i bring logan beers all the time,
let him have the remote & want to get it on 24/7 (it helps
when you have a SUPERHOT boyfriend from bama) besides,
isn't it good that women suck? ;-)

ps. yeah, speaking from 18 years of living there, texas

pps. i programed a master budget into my calc for
accounting, but why did i name it "masterbate"?

anne said...

if you ever want to see ROA (Rules of Attraction, not
return on assets, damn finance majors & their screwy wys of
thinking)again, gimme a HOLLA!!!
patrick bateman & his brother are hot as hell
but not hotter than logan and his sexy southern alabama