This might single handidly be the best event ever created. Yesterday i went to Gretnafest and listen to "Bag Of Donuts" and had a great time. see what made it great was music and alcohol. I only had a few things to eat but i drank more...talk about a weight loss plan. the problem is that i wish i was in munich.


drinking all day might be the fun everyone needs in their life. just start at noon with 2 beers than keep a steady pace...but not getting plastered...for the next 10 hours. its fun...really fun if you don't eat anything but breakfast.

still what pisses me off the most is the radio sucks. there are no good rock bands now. they are all wussy and shitty. I mean linkin park is the backstreet boys of Heavy metal. the best acts out there have been doing it for awhile..but they only play the shit on the radio.

the following need to be destoryed:
Fuck the radio.
Sprint PCS sucks.
AOL sucks
the tuxedo sucks
Buying textbooks sucks
Women suck-they are retarded.
Texass sucks
Walmart sucks
there is more but i am too tired to think of anymore

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