And So It Begins...

So finally after weeks of talk and laziness this the first of the series of masterpieces begin. the following is the work of 2 really demented people. We are not going to use proper grammar for everything. We are not going to spell everything correctly. We might not be nice. We might be sort of bitter. Hell, we will be lude, offensive, thoughtful, crazy, and funny. Add annoying there too cause it might happen.

Some how you have decided to read this. BE warned. We are amusing but we are being honest in our thoughts. Pass this on to your friends. Let them share your misery and addiction of reading this. If you are our parents Stop Reading. We are trying to ruin society single handily and don't need to be told to behave.

so sit back. we write when we want. we say what we want. If we don't feel like writing we won't if we do we do.

first the following suck
women, women, women, women


On the way out the In door

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