A comment on Bjorns last things. First, yay for him for 3
girls, he's getting a lot more booty than I am.
2nd....The three day rule, how stupid is that.
My last experience with that...as getting a hot french
girls number, she says, make sure you call...I look her up
and down and say, "oh ya, I will, but of chorse in a few
days, cause that's the rule." We never get ahold of each
other, play phone tag, I make a point to lose the number...

That really had nothing to do with the point I want to
make, maybe it does in Karma though.

The 3 day rule, or any such rule is stupid. Along with the
2 ring rule. If the phone rings, just pick it up, don't
wait for it to ring a few times so you don't seem like the
looser you are, sitting over the phone waiting for it to
ring. I pick up before the first ring ends, it's just
easier that way.
Ne ways...back to the three day rule. Why should you wait
that long to call if you like her. And why should you be
the one to call, why can't she. I actually give my number
more often then get. If a girl tries to give me her
number, I just give her mine, that way I don't have to
stress it, she can, and if she wants me she'll call, and
then I know. Then she can wait 3 days
Back to the three day rule. What if you just want some
booty, I don't want to wait three days for that. If you
are like me though, you may have a hard time using girls
just for booty. I really wish I wasn't like that. I just
wanna hook up and leave it at that. My prob is, if I think
a girl is cool enough to hook up with, I want more, I'm
greedy like that. Plus I don't have much oppertunity, the
people I meet all seem to float in the same circles, or are
all in architecture, so I see them all the time. Makes it
hard for a one night stand.
What was I talking about again, oh ya, the three day rule,
which does apply to food. If it's not growing mold, it's
still good.
But back to the point, the other three day rule. And why
is three days good, if you meed on the week-end, that
leaves you in the middle of the week. I have been going
out alot this week during the week...yes redundent...but ne
how. Going out in the week is pretty cool if it's with
your friends, but if it's romantic interests, doesn't give
you the chance for sleep overs because you've got school or
work the next day.
What was this thing about again....
oh ya, the 3 day rule is stupid, I'm sure I've proven that
in her somewhere.
Hippies suck, but I am one, ya baby ya

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