Bird Stealing Bread

I stole this from Nessa and Walt, who stole it from other guy. I love these things!

How many total songs?
10,114 items in my library. That’s 28.6 days, and 58.25 GB of music.

Sort by song title – first and last…
First: A-Punk by Vampire Weekend.
Last: ♠ by Marilyn Manson (weird to me too)

Sort by time – shortest and longest…
Shortest: You're My Boy Blue by Atmosphere (did not use blank tracks by oHgr)
Longest: Marais La Nuit by Neko Case

Sort by Album – first and last…
First: A.M. by Wilco
Last: 1999 by Prince

Sort by Artist – first and last…
First: AC/DC
Last: The 13th Floor Elevators

Top five played songs - Well, I just got this computer, so it may not be so accurate.
1)Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
2)Where is My Mind - Pixies
3)Dashboard - Modest Mouse
4)Monkey Goes To Heaven - Pixies
5)Idioteque - Radiohead

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 58 items Death: 24 items Love: 457 items You: 1204 items
Home: 118 items Boy: 204 items Girl: 168 items

First five songs that come up on Party Shuffle…
1)Forgive Them Father - Lauryn Hill
2)Morning Bell - Radiohead
3)Firecracker - Ryan Adams
4)Angel, Won't You Call Me? - The Decemberists
5)Half Jack - The Dresden Dolls


Music of the year

A short random thought on music I listened to. If I previewed an album and didn't like it should I list it on the side of this blogs with other albums or just ignore it? I need some thoughts on this.

Ely Cathedral - Cambridgeshire

This is an amazing photo. [I wish I could have taken it]


Best Halloween Costume Ever

Wait for it. wait for it.

Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

I just died seeing this. Of course i hate everyone so enjoy!


random crap

A quick note for those who might read this...

I am totally falling for www.lala.com because i can preview an album for free once. Sometimes all you need is one full listen to decide if you want to buy the CD or the mp3 or not at all. Much how i enjoy that last.fm monitors what i have listened to, lala allows me to explore music with out spending too much money. Then if I like an album it is often cheaper or equal to amazon's mp3s and cheaper than iTurds. (89 cents a track but some albums on sale are as low as $2). Check it out, i recommend it.

I am about to start into collecting my Best of 2009 Songs and Albums and want to know what you have liked. Please music fans leave me a comment on your best so far that I can use to research things.

PS do not recommend Animial Collective, too many bleeps and bloops and has driven me nuts. except i do like "my girls" song.


Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

From one of my all time favorite films.


Hitler Reacts to the Government Run Healthcare

Nancy Pelosi is Hitler. Thanks Republicans


a long time

This blog is having the blogoversary today. Seven fucking years of nonsense. In honor of here is a show with the best sight gag in a long time. Re: Kurt Cobain, wait for it.


fried alligator

fried alligator, originally uploaded by Super Bjorn.

yummy fried alligator

Fried butter

Fried butter, originally uploaded by Super Bjorn.

fried butter with cherry and grape on top. it was delicous

PNS Trailer Trashing - Precious

PNS Trailer Trashing - Precious