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A quick note for those who might read this...

I am totally falling for www.lala.com because i can preview an album for free once. Sometimes all you need is one full listen to decide if you want to buy the CD or the mp3 or not at all. Much how i enjoy that last.fm monitors what i have listened to, lala allows me to explore music with out spending too much money. Then if I like an album it is often cheaper or equal to amazon's mp3s and cheaper than iTurds. (89 cents a track but some albums on sale are as low as $2). Check it out, i recommend it.

I am about to start into collecting my Best of 2009 Songs and Albums and want to know what you have liked. Please music fans leave me a comment on your best so far that I can use to research things.

PS do not recommend Animial Collective, too many bleeps and bloops and has driven me nuts. except i do like "my girls" song.

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[LaLa] Lauren said...

Are we buds on Lala??