So...how is it that women can be so entirely evil?

I mean straight out, no feeling, just attack you type.

So so many can be like that, I think it's their little way
of making themselves feel better about situations, and in
control of their life.
By treating someone like crap, they feel like the empowered
Tulane girls are especially bad, it is unbelievable.
I keep meeting girls that seem worth time, but then they
turn their ugly colors.
I have never been treated as badly, by the worst of people
as I have been treated by women who are supposed to be my
friend, or other, or even care at all.
I really don't get it.
I guess most of them here are just bad people, and that's
what it comes down to.
But at least most of them think they are good people.
One more girl has just been added to the "I'm never going
to talk to you again" list.
It's a sad thing.


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Ryan said...

Word to your mother. Do I have to bring friends too?