I bein to wonder

"everyday is the same things. different faces with no name. places i have never been before. And I begin to wonder (about what's happened to me lately)"

so yeah i am use that quote. Last night sucked...i was up all night rendering crap for studio..only to have one of them never finish..grrrr. The computer lab at school sucks ass and i spent lots of time sitting around doing nothing too...just waiting for something to finish.

jeff being the dork he is..never asked me for my keys to go home so he just hung out till 4.30 when Kim took him back ot our house. Kim is awesome. We ate at der ratskellar.
so yeah question is...what fun things can you do at 3 am when you can't really use a computer for games?

i really need ideas..i just sat and thought about htings..nothing relevent or interesting but things.

so now i begin to wonder...
ps...if you know the song let me know

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