I am so hating this firday. I am not doing work i am pruposely ignoring everything. I count ballots for AIAS only to actually recieve i vote. WHO THE FUCK VOTED FOR ME...damn you michelle

Now i can successfully take over the world. I really want to know why tulane is full of crappy shit head. who the fuck let's this fucknuts in? just cause you're rich doesn't make you a good person.I am so excited for baseball today.

I am also excited for the TGIF cause i can get free food..the only real meal all day.

oh by the way the word of the day is Vaginarific.

also good words are craptacular, shitastic, fuckinredible.

until next time,
the B

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Michelle said...

thanks, bjorn, for mentioning me in your entry from
friday. i always appreciate a nice, thoughful
compliment...you know why i did it...