The JN Band

(read in an old timey radio voice...or paul harvey voice)

Last night, the Jeff and Norah band made it's stunning
debut into the music community over WTUL New Orleans, the
late night shows of late night shows.
This blossoming band, with small begginings and big
ambitions took the airwaves by storm. Thousands stood
outside the small windows of the station attempting to get
a glimpse of America's newest musical sensation. However,
only 6 people were able to. Those six people have now
fullfilled the dreams of every small child in our humble
little nation.
This dynamic band consists of three jewls of the world.
The first the amazing, wonderful, heart-throb of a man,
Jeff. With his slick attitude and sly comeover, he is a
force to be reconded with. Ladies lock up your daughters,
he's on the move. Up that is.
Then there is the lovely, sexy, eadible sweetheart, Noarh.
The true heart behind the band, the ideal that every young
women dreams to be. Her fan club already in the thousands,
headed by Al Gore himself. Just be careful lads, for there
may not be a man to tame this wild beast.
And where would this wondeful group be without it's start
and end in the Tall, adorable, gorgeous heartbreaker
Bronwen. She was the soul inspirtation for the band, has
arranged all gigs, and well, lets face it, they wouldn't
exist without her and her on air charm. Don't let that
sweet soothing voice fool you boys, though it does seem to
fool the many men that buy her dinner every night. Any one
here order a pizza?

So, wether you are a hard core punk fan, a death metal
lover, or a respecter of the classical arts, you must
admit, this is the best band you have ever heard, ever will
hear, our ever could imagine hearing.
So remember, 2-4 saterday morning, and who knows when
else. Tune in, and be DJ'd to heaven.

This is J, signing out.

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