Brain must work to read this

Every week I go, oh man, it's only monday...(I'm gonna stop
using caps) or oh yay, it's friday!! but i realize, it
doesn't matter...(it's silly to use double letters, i'm
gonna stop that)..because saturday and sunday, i just kep
working. i don't get any type of break...(it's stupid to
use ea...i'm just gona replace that with a)..so i never
stop working, there is no brak, why does..(and while i'm at
it, i'm geting rid of oe, and using just u) it even mater
that it's friday. i work seven days a wek with no braks. i
don't raly mind though (gh = g)
if i wasn't doing anything, then what would ( ou is
definatly repetativ, so lets make it o) i have to do,
nothing. so last monday when i thoht (and ght and th is the
same as t) oh grat, it's only monday, it dusn't even raly
mater because i've ben working al te time anyways. i have
just always ben taut
however, fridays are esentialy grat due (and why ue, lets
go to o) to te fact tat columns has a terific hapy hor.
I write (wr?? tat makes no sence, r is beter, and neiter
(ei is definatly e) dus ce..it's just prononced s) hapy hor
into my schedole for fridays, it is hig on my list of
priorities, sens i get a smal amont of braks. i migt go
crazy witot hapy hor. if it's betwen eter my job or hapy
hor, i'l take hap hor.
be careful when ordering drinks, it dus mater which felow
dos yor drink. te tal black (and why ck, just k is fine)
where was i? oh ya, te tal blak guy dosn't raly do a god
job wit long islands. te skiny white guy dos a grat job
tog. so eter get te white guy or get anoter drink, sens te
blak guy can't do it rit.
even beter tan a drink rigt now wold be a big tik stak wit
a large beverage of some sort.
however, sens it is niter friday or wednesday, i am wit ot
much optons for hap hory or staks. i wold rater at at my
hose anyways.
wel, tis entry is geting rater long so my tots are tat i
shold end it soner tan later. I raly like my improvements
on or prety wel waky language tog.

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