There are many interesting memories associated with this
dern "diary" Many of which are most pleasent, though many
bring back memories of people who don't really exist in my
life anymore.

It is always a shame when someone close drops out of your
life. Would be easy not to if the other person would just
make some kind of simple effort.

Life could be so easy, but people complicate it of the
studpiester or things which they can't explain or justify,
they just do. Perhaps they do it to feel the emotions of
love and pain associated with the trouble they create. It
may be pain, but at least they feel something.

Still gonna try and start updating this thing again,
hopefully most will be more funnier than this though.
Hopefully some people give me some good memories worth
writing in this thing and sharing.

Oh...and super date girl...went crazy again. Here and


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