Ok it Beer O'Clock and anyone who doesn't know that needs to drink beer. Beer is the best form of alcohol. It has the least side effects and there are plenty of ales to try. What stupid Republican, freedom hating, jesus-as-a-weapon weilding assholes doesn't at least like one type of beer.

Speaking of evil republicans who in their right mind wants to limit people's freedoms...don't you want everyone to be able to pursue the american dreams? ...enoungh of that

weird that J talks about ppl falling out of our lives. I thought about one person the other day a ceertain woman in TX who i though i was good friends with and i thought she was smart. then the dumb ass lets a boy decide who she can talk to and such. who does that? she obviously is insecure and this is also the first serious relationship she has had.

what a bitch.
well time to fuckin make a move on yo...

- B

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