IM v.2.0

yes J. you are a moron. but there are other things i don't
like about im.

first of all...well my parents use it and yes i still put
up "i am getting hammered at such and such..." at 23 i
should be allowed to say who gives a fuck

second of all my siblings might read this and well that
entertains me.

so yeah im sucks my ass.

Is it hardto say...call me i want to chat?
what kind of idiot thinks they can tell you eveything over
im. I am guilty of the song qoute thing but i usually use
one line or something. Mostly its women who put up the
whole fucking song by eve 6 of JT thinking its good when
its shit. Get soem taste in records please. I really want
to be jack black in 'High Fidelity'...yes we have but you
can't own cause you know nothing about music asshole.

so i guess these are my points, based on your ims at this

1. the away message of two cowsfucking and ones says final
and the other says me...clever but not so much anymore.

2. what happened to the budweiser truck one?

3. Telling the whole world and the one you love that you
love them? erk. just call them and say it or make a ppsycho
webpage aout how great they are.

4. People who say they use im but arre never online. then
yell at you for not calling them or whatever. Hey
fuckedhead use a goddamn phone.

5. people who put politcal crap in their ims. i don't
give a fuck if al gore gives rims jobs or the GW smoked
something. I don't care . i don't care. I don't care.
Fuck Repoublicans till they bleen. Shoot democrats. Ya'll
are ruinging this country.

6. Amanda has great qoutes. Quoting stuff in latin or from
latin is awesome. cause that shit is good.

7. Jeff is a moron. has nothing to do with im but as my
friend i need to state the obvious. though he was right in
his last entry.

8. Fuck you. had to be said

9. I want to suck on your lips
I want to melt in your arms
I want to call you up sometime...
that shit is fucked up and is not cool. leave it out for
the love of God. we don't care if you want to fuck some
guy but please don't make me sick with your shit.

10. I spare no one. Sorry but everyone is fucked so i
mgiht as well qoute everyone right?

11. Telling us that you are at work is good even better
when you are on im at work. saying things like out running
errands, printing shit, being the office whore...etc.
always good to harrass someone at work.

12. Chirstmas and hanauckahd...who ever it spelt. suck.
plese leave christmas songs out of ims. see j's last entry
on im.

13. sleepy train..what is wrong with anyone who puts this
there. can we be more creative or at least straight

14. i hate stupid people. sorry but i do. if you are
stupid i will tell you. don't fucking care if it hurts
your feeling. and no that dress doesn't make you look fat
but your large ass does.

15. people who use im on their phones. then bitch at you
for messaging them. fuck head its a phone. not a computer
you stupid piece of shit.

16. people who support only a university college they do
not attend. then put it on their im how great fucking LSU
is...ok here's the deal suppport your university and
another one is fine. but to disregard the one you go
to...that's just fucked up.

17. leave your damned intimate details out of away
messages. better yet logoff.

18. Iff you happen to go out of town for a few days, just
log off. that's right stop using this stupid shit. it
won't matter to us or not if you are there. besides does it
need to be 24/7? really does it need to be?

19. people who messages tell us how great some perso nis
because of some instance that we did not see, hear or even
care about. then tellign us the whole fucking thing in the
profile or better yet not telling us anything and the
procedes to get mad at us.

20. If you get mad at me because i stop talking to you on
im its because...guess what, i am doing work so i do that
and not talk to your fat ass. If i am going to ignore you
let me do a good job of it.

so now i am thoughly pissed off. i am going to save some
ideas for a future installment. actually for another rant
of things that pissm e off. like stupid people. people
who think all you can eat is a good idea for nasty mexican
food. and girls who wear those stupid trucker hats
sideways with thongs and velour sweatpants. sweatpants are
for fat people and using around the house. truckers hats
are ok but when at an angle you dumb sluts they are
compeltely fuckign retarded.

thanks for your time any ideas to the 3 people who may read
this. please let us know. if you are one of these people
mentioned above 'fuck you' and kick your own ass cause i
don't care. want me to tell you that to your face? sure
come over shit head

- B

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